Friday, December 10, 2010

Well I Guess It's Official...

I've officially left the Wizard101 fandom, and WIZARD101. And unlike last time, I haven't been on Wizard101 for a month, so thats how I can tell it's over. I thank you all for the wonderful 3 years everyone's gave me. I don't hate wizard101, or anyone there, my interests have simply changed, as they usually do after three years. I want to pursue in writing, and now I'm reading differently, (more realistic fiction, then fantasy) but I'm still reading Sister's Grimm, Harry Potter, and Septimus Heap.

I love my new school, and because of that I've been busy. Heck this week, I had three rehearsals alone for show choir, (our christmas concert is this Sunday)and I love it. Making new friends, and enjoying my school might be one of the reason's why my interests changed.

I also found more love in dancing, so I'm going more days a week, plus I want to continue my other interests, so I'm busy juggling all that, plus being a Girl scout.

I also found myself shopping more, and spending time with real friends, instead of one's on the internet.

So I wish you all well, and as I leave I hope you follow these two words that I do.

Carpe Diem!
(Seize the Day!)