Monday, August 31, 2009

Who did this for Autumn?

Checked out the wizard graveyard and saw this:

For Autumn DawnDusk Dearest Autumn Words can't express how bad we feel So now we all say bye to one of the amazing blogs of wizard 101. May you and your graveyard rest in peace.
From all the bloggers

Hmm Who wrote this in memory of Autumn (wink wink)

Well Heres some confidentialy that you can find only for the Myth Master. I DID IT!

As I was reading the closing letter from Autumn (courtesy of TFN) I noticed that she said a graveyard would be nice. So I quickly went over to the Wizard Graveyard and told valerian to do it. :)

- Amber Stargem

Who did this for Autumn?

Chapter 3

What I saw was a lost kingdom. There was abandon houses and mini villages. But the most amazing thing was a castle. There was a tall moat surrounding the black castle with a tiny tattered flag of a crown with a serpent that says Neliopia. I relized that I was probably the first person to see this in the 21 century much less the 20th. In case I might be relized at any moment I climbed up the ladder. Then I stacked the tables and chairs to get myself up. When I got up to high ground I relized that only I and the little girl should know about this. I quickly found a patch of turf and layes it on the hole. I added a couple more layers so it will stay sturdy. I added some fake flowers then left. I took off my clothes. (which by now you couldn't even tell the colors they were so muddy) Threw them in a sack then dropped the sack to change. Thats when I heard a large thump and remembered my book. The title was Neliopia a History. What I didnt found out until later was that there was a note inside it. It said DEATH TOWER 06:00. I checked my watch it was 5:00 I quickly got my clothes washed then got ready to meet the young wizard and find out what she knew about Neliopia The lost Kingdom.

There you go! Tell your friends about this!

- Amber StarGem

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chapter 2

I saw a huge gaping hole right behind my dorm. The hole swallowed many flowers trees and park benches. I almost screamed when I saw a little wizard peek out of the hole who was caked in mud and barely even looked human. She gave me a little wave poked back in the hole then came out and disapeared. I can't even think what would've happened to my life if I havent put on a heavy coat and my snow boots and went outside. There was an old frayed rope that looked like it could break any minute. With my luck it did while i was climbing down. I fell down and landed with a thud in the deep dark mud soiling my clothes. When i got up back to my feet I saw a little room. There was an old frayed spellbooks newspaper and moldy dictionaries in the room. I immeaditly started looking for an exit. As I was looking I saw an old book that wasnt caked in mud. I quickly grabbed it and tucked it in my inside pocket. Finally I found an exit that the little girl had written in a different language that I couldn't decipher. But since i didnt know i pulled and tugged the handle. When I tugged it I fell backwards and soiled my clothes again. I went down a large ladder and saw the most amazing thing that Ravenwood will ever see.

Well? How do you like it so far? please leave your responses.

-Amber StarGem

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Heres a tale to weave..

Ok so i decided since i'm SO BORED that i'm creating a story. Ok? ok. Well lets start.

It was a dismal fall day. I was walking out of the bazaar with my backpack slung out of my shoulder with who knows what in it. As I passed the shopping district I waved hello to my father in the robe shop and hello to my mother in the hat shop. I passed through the commons with ease and went up through the Ravenwood tunnel. Since it was a regular fall day almost no one was out except me. I took a walk through the life school and felt a nice warm breeze on me. I waved hello to blossom and moo linda wu. Then I passed through the myth school and felt like i was home. I waved hello to ivan and waved to Professer Drake who sneered at me as usual. I went through the tiny gap of the death school and felt a cool chilly breeze. I quickly walked passed it then went through the fire, ice, and storm school. Then i went to my dorm. As I was getting my books out my eyes drifted to the window. And there I saw the most amazing, weirdest thing in the history of Ravenwood....

Thats all for today! Every good book leaves you hanging! Ill try and post some more tomorrow.

-Amber StarGem

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well here we are again.....

Here we are again just less then one week for school to start. x sighs x Which means less time to play wizard101 so ill still be on once a day. But just probably for like 30-60 minutes maybe an two hours. Which means less blogging. Yeppers Peppers its coming down to the last wire of summer. So i'm gonna take a trip through Wizard101 this summer. You can come with me if you will.


Ah June the best summer month in my book. There was crafting bazaar grizzleheim and open chat. Also there was long hot summer days in the pool and school was right long forgotten in our heads.

This is when they fixed the outrageous bosses and other minor things. It was also when the Friendly Necromancer had the Diapermancer! Which means the diapermancer is a little more then a month old! Also then more fixes were made and the also changed the bazaar. And then we arrived to.........

Well they changed the repot system and added blogs to Wizard101 central. They also deactivated all the codes but spell. (In case you didnt know the codes were frog house and spell!) You can purchase more crowns and gift cards online at best buy.

This has been a wonderful summer with everyone and I hope next summer is as memoriable has this one was. ;)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tribute to Homework in the graveyard

As you might know Autumn Duskhunter is leaving the Spiral and with it taking her graveyard with her. She started out blogging on June 6th when she did counterweight east. And now she finishes on August 4th. Here is the first picture of her on her blog here:

She also wore almost the exact same outfit at the meet and greet 2009.

And here is the last picture taken of her on her blog post of make up! make up meet and greet as a full necromancer. (first picture)

And So now Autumn we say goodbye to you from all your fellow bloggers. Goodbye Homework in a graveyard

And So now Autumn we say goodbye to you from all your fellow bloggers. Goodbye Homework in a Graveyard

You will be missed.

-Amber StarGem

Happy Birthday Friendly!

Here's a tribute to your special day thomas!