Thursday, January 28, 2010


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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My awesome week..

From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....

Ok so I'm really in a happy mood. (:O *GASP!*) You know why?? BECAUSE THIS WEEK IS CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK!

*Gasp!* You don't know what Catholic School's Week is?? :O Well, according to like the pope or somethin, they have this thing called Catholic School's Week. (a.k.a party time) It has fun stuff, and I'll give you a lowdown on everything. (Cause that's how I roll!)


Open house for Parents SNORE!


Playing games with third graders. (the people we played with were show shy, so it was all really awkward them JERKS!!)


Bring in a Movie and Snack day! ( No Math Class YYAYY) and donate for the people in Hatiti and get a dress down day.


The two eldest grades play Volleyball (go carpool!!)


Dress up in patriotic clothes, then at random moments in class they'll play music and we'll have to get up and dance.

To be honest with ya I'm just happy with getting barely any homework and getting to not dress in our sucky uniform. YYYYAAAYYY!!!

From the Kinda Happy,

Amber StarGem

Friday, January 22, 2010

Oops Sorry Van.... and I replaced my internet!

From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....

Uh Van, sorry that I accidentantly kept your unicorns socks when I left your house. I didn't mean too I forgot that I'd had them on. I'll return your unicorn socks when we see Sherlock Holmes tomorrow, and you return my lamo socks got it?? OK! Glad thats over with.

I replaced my internet explorer with a new cool internet. Hello Google Chrome baby! It's pretty awesome. You can draw, and stuff, have themes and its loads fast. Plus when you open a new blog it doesn't go to a whole new page thingy it just opens up another tab. I LOVE IT!!

I finished reading Romeo and Juliet and it was AMAZING! I loved the ending. Sure I couldn't understand half of it, but it was still amazing.

I can't wait to see Sherlock Holmes again! I was iming my friend and he was like me and my buds are seeing Avatar. I was like: We're going to see people getting tazed and blown up while you're watching a love story WOOOWW!!

So thats all I pretty much have to say.


-Amber StarGem

Wh-hoo! Beat the Game!

From the Myth Master.....

Wh-hoo! I beat the game! (This is Vanessa btw ...) For the second time that is, I've already beaten it on my storm, of course. Level 48 and heading for grand now, but all I have left is a few Marleybone sides and Krok sides. Yeah.

-Death at Malistare

Storm grand-you guys may have noticed that my name is always in white in pictures of me. I added myself xD

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Blue Monday!!

From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....

Happy Blue Monday Everybody! O: You haven't heard of the Infamous Blue Monday! Thats is SO shocking!! Well here's a short summary of this wonderful holiday:

"Psychologists have dubbed it "Blue Monday", a date in January when post-Christmas gloom is at its worst.
It is worked out with a formula taking into account six factors: weather, debt, time since Christmas, time since failing our New Year's resolutions, low motivational levels and the feeling of a need to take action.
David Sillito has been to discover if there are any reasons to be cheerful. "

So happy Blue Monday! Try not to die today!

Also something I found about Blue Monday on Wikipedia:

"where weather=W, debt=d, time since Christmas=T, time since failing our new year’s resolutions=Q, low motivational levels=M and the feeling of a need to take action=Na. 'D' is not defined in the release, nor are units.

This date allegedly falls on the third Monday of January. The date was declared by Arnall to be 24 January in 2005, 23 January in 2006, 22 January in 2007, 21 January in 2008, 19 January in 2009 and 18 January in 2010.

Mr Arnall also says, in a press release commissioned by Wall's ice cream, that he has calculated the happiest day of the year - in 2005, 24 June, in 2006, 23 June, in 2008, 20 June and in 2009 19 June. So far, this date has fallen close to Midsummer."

More on Blue Monday here:

Man I love Blue Monday. Hope yours was as bad as mine!!

-Amber StarGem

MY half a million hit

From the Myth Master's Team Desk.....

Hey it's Vanessa again, and I went over to nightshade today with my good friend Ian and hit 507,777 with wraith on my death. The life guy who was helping got impatient, but we ended up killing him without him cracking

I intend on hitting the big 1,000,000 on my storm. Look out bosses, Vanessa is coming to town. Lol.

Cya around the spiral,
Vanessa Sunrider

Amber: Bad Girls Bad Girls whatcha gonna do.....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

100TH POST!!

From the Myth Master's Teams Desk.....

WWWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! 100TH POST BABY!! I would like to thank all my readers and followers, for somehow reading this blog. You guys are all freaks!! (in a good way of course!)

I would also like to thank my partner in crime: Vanessa Sunrider. I would also like to thank my friends for somehow staying my friend even though how weird and random I am.

I would like to thank those fans who just simply commented on my blog. I would like to thank The Friendly Necromancer for putting me on his blogroll to make me well known.

This has been a great 100 posts, and I can't wait to see what yet to come. I hope you guys are in my near future!!

-Amber StarGem

Friday, January 15, 2010


From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....

Hey guys,

It's Vanessa Sunrider here, and I've been on the Myth Master once or twice ... but I'm not here to talk about me, again, I'm coming up with an idea.
First I'll put this out here: Sorry, Dustin, for the misscommunication. That was nothing, and I hope you're not offended or anything. I'm not against the GWC, I'm for the good idea, man. But this is my little thing, called the WWAA, Wizards Who Are Awesome. Waa. Ha. You can say it. It's kinda a word. Anyways, it's an idea for people in the GWC and not. I know many people got cut, and that's the only thing I don't like from the GWC. So I made this for people who aren't in. We don't have leaders, we just have meetings sometimes, where we farm, goof around I guess, make parties, and idk, just have fun in the w101 world. Everyone makes it in, no try-outs.
I'm not an organized person, so we won't have uniforms or anything. It will just people hanging out. I know, many of you will think it's stupid, but most of my ideas are stupid. My main priority is getting up, surviving, and going back to bed. I just hope that people will decide to join this. It will be fun to just hang out and meet some new people in this thing, and hopefully people can give me some ideas too.
I'm not creative.
Anyways it WONT BE SQUARE DANCING, as you may have heard with a few posts back. I'm in Amber's grade. I feel it.
You get "Right hand to your parter, grand right and left" stuck in your head for weeks, I tell you.
So maybe if you can comment, thanks.

See ya around the Spiral
Vanessa Sunrider, WWAA (waaaaaaaaa)

Amber's Comments: Great First Post Van!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


From the Myth Master's Desk.....

My current obsession??? The show Glee. Even though I've only seen one episode, (which was the final of the season) I fell in love with it!! It's AMAZING and I'm currently waiting for the next season to start. If you don't know about Glee here's a short summary of it:

In Mckinly High School, a teacher starts a show choir, called Glee. It's full of misfits, but they somehow come together, and ending up being friends, doing what they love best: Singing and Dancing.

This show is full of drama and leaves you hanging, but it's HILARIOUS and new! (like the office!) What I love it how fresh the idea is. It just didn't copy of a show, its new and exciting.

I suggest you go to this link: to see thelast five episodes. I saw one, and totally understood it. My favorite character? The punk chick with black and blue hair. This show ROCKS!

Off to watch more Glee!!

-Amber StarGem

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Was I the only one who didn't hear about the test realm?

From the Myth Master's Desk.....

Was I the only blogger who didn't hear about the test realm??

Of course I was, because you know why?? I HAD STUPID DANCE FOR THREE HOURS!!!

Of course I'm not saying I shouldnt go to dance, I like it... alot. We're learning our recital dances so NO ONE SHOULD BE ABSENT!!! (so of course half the class was absent) So I get home, and go on my i pod touch la la la la la. Click on the Friendly Necromancer and my jaw dropped.... literally.

The title Test Realm opens up when I first read it meant CELESTIA!!! But of course not... Just to crash their servers... oh well. I AM a party animal. So I'll be there tonight after basketball practice.

I know I'm the last person to post about it but, ah oh well. Better late then never.

In case you didn't read my last post I'm having a contest. Scroll down for more info.


-Amber StarGem

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Story and Contest!!

From the Myth Master's Desk.....

I've made a new story on fan fiction that's a cross over of Kiki Strike. It's titled Iz Cameron and the Irregulars. Here is the first chapter:

My alarm clock rings in my ear. I groan and chuck it at the wall. It doesn’t stop. Of course, my parents got an instructable one after the last couple I broke. I groggily get out of bed and remember why I have to get up so early. Today’s my first day at Atlanta School for Girls in New York.

Let me tell you about myself. My name is Isabella but everyone calls me Iz, which I prefer more. I am 15 and I have red hair with blue and purple lowlights (I dyed them one day when I was bored) and hazel eyes. I’m what you call a bad boy. I get kicked out of every school pretty much, for silly reasons.

Like the reason that I got booted out last school year was that I kinda locked my teacher outside the room, had a rockin party in it with my friends and then kinda chucked her desk out the window. So I got expelled of course.

Anywho it was a new year and I didn’t want to want to get expelled… maybe I won’t…. Awww who am I kidding?

I yawn in the mirror and start applying my makeup. I apply mascara, lipstick, black eyeliner, all on a layer of foundation. Perfect. I rack my closet and found the outfit I wanted to wear. I slip on a white shirt with a shooting star in rainbow metallic, taking half of the shirt diagonally, a leather black jacket, and black jeans. Check one more time in the mirror. Perfect. I go downstairs to my mansion and tell the servant: “Coffee and pancakes with syrup and butter.” I forgot to tell you I’m rich and I hate it, I’m pretty smart though.

About 15 minutes later I grab my black messenger bag with heavy books which I hated and left my mansion sulkily. “Stupid school” I thought gloomily. On my way to the subway I passed a few logos on the sidewalk with a golden I that looks a girl in running motion. Weird but cool street art I thought to myself.

When I got to the subway I looked around. There was about 5 girls on the subway with me. They looked rather plain to me, with jeans and a plain shirt on. Only one stood out, out of all of them. She was wearing a white shirt over a cute red short denim jacket, with a plaid skirt, and tall high red boots. She had green eyes, glasses and short wispy brown hair. I decided to sit next to her.

“Hey my name is Iz do you go to Atlanta?” I asked reaching out my hand.

Yes, my name is Ananka Fishbein, Scholarship or Rich?” she said shaking my hand.

“Rich sadly. I HATE being rich and I HATE school. How bout you” I said.

She raised an eyebrow at that. “In between I have a trust fund that pays for education. I hate school too.”

Then the subway rolled to a stop. "I guess I’ll see you later than Ananka."

“Me too I hope you’re in one of my classes.” she said and for once she smiled.

We got off at the stop and she got her messenger bag (which was black also) and I got mine. I noticed as we got out of the subway that her bag had some kind of mark on it. One that was golden. I peered closely for another look. There, on her bag was the I that I saw on the street. I gasped.

She spun around “What?”

Like it?? If you want to read more here's the link: read it if you want.

I'm also hosting a contest. The first one to translate the following wins 3 orthrus cards, AND a friend request from your's truly if you're not already. Here's the sentence:

Salvete puri et pullae. Quid agitis? Sum bona. Praenomen Ambera StarGema.

Good Luck!

-Ambera StarGema

P.S. It's in Latin

Friday, January 8, 2010


From the Myth Master's Desk.....

The horror has started!! SQUARE DANCING IN MUSIC! WITH BOYS!! EEEEEEWWWWWW!! We already learned our first dance, and I must admit, those years of memorizing countless recital dances came in handy. No Problemo with our group at least......

But there was at the first group. One dude was swinging his partner fast and hard, so she fell. He was like "MY RED RIVER GAL!!" (it says that in the song) and the whole class started cracking up. (we're kinda mental that way)

Well thats pretty much all i need to post about................... bored bored bored.......... I feel like farming........ anyone need helllp????

The bored,

-Amber StarGem
(or Al Fonzo)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


From the Myth Master's Desk.....

Let me just say that today was AWESOME!! I went over to Van's house, since we had no school and we went on this WICKED hill.

First we went to her neighbor's hill which was ok... I almost rammed in to a bush a couple times but it was ok. But for some reason we left and went to a new place.

We went to a "hill" er I guess you could call it that. We had to push ourselves down, and when we did it was slowly. I was like "Livin the Dream, Livin the Dream." Then Van just cracked up.

Finally we found ourselves the perfect hill with a frozen lake. We were like WHEEE!! we did that a couple times then left, to avoid frostbite.

We hung out at Van's house while we, played Mario Party 7 on her Wii. (we won btw) Then Van's sister Gabrielle, came back and we went sledding one last time, before my mom came.

We went to the third hill and sledded like 15 times. One time I tried it at a different angle, where a post with electrical stuff was. When I went I almost rammed into it. I was like "AHHH ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AAHHHHH!!!!!!". Then I slid on the frozen lake. When I got off I was like "Worst. Idea. Ever." That just make Van and Gab crack up even more. We did it a couple more times, sliding into the lake, or falling off. I kept on throwing snow on Van too. One time I was borrowing their foam sled for a run and on the way back I lightly tapped Gab on the head. Which made her fall. Which made us laugh. Finally we were like ONE MORE TIME! and slid down.

Like I said before Worst. Idea. Ever. My sled went on a bump (probably a rock) and my butt has been huring ever since. Van stomach started hurting for some reason, so we went home.

Now I'm hoping for no school tomorrow. We still have snow the high's going to be 13 degrees, (lows -2) and half of the schools are closed.


-Amber StarGem or Al Fonzo
The butt hurting freak

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


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Update: Sadly my brother's school is closed, AND I changed my nickname to Al Fonzo. Awesome right?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I've got a new blog!

From the Myth Master's Desk.....

I have a new blog called Diary of a Wandering Book Reader if you want to read it click here:

I like it so far, but it won't be about wizard101 so ya.

I hope you like it and read it, cause it is very awesome.

I have a basketball game so give us good luck! It's are first of the season. (the other was just a tournament!) I have high hopes for our team so good luck!!

With Luck,

-Amber StarGem

P.S. Christina I'm not copying off you I've had this Idea of a new blog for bout a month now. But I was too lazy to do it so ya.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year! New Changes!

From the Myth Master's Desk.....

I added some new changes here! First of all according to my poll: (which is going by GREAT btw! thanks guys!) I'm probably going to have a new header. After this poll I'm going to have a poll on which outfit to wear for the header. (I know I'm hopeless! lolz)

Second of all: To comment you go to a seperate page which I prefer MUCH better! (Thanks Alia for showing me!)

Third: Whenever I post a template that says From the Myth Master's Desk..... will show up. I think it's cool AND annoying! SCORE!

I also plan to be posting much more often with longer posts. Also for all of you that wanted to check out the Kiki Strike Blog (where I get half of my info for this blog!) is now under my bloglist! It's called Ananka's Diary. I also added Kestrel's blog, (Shadowthistle school of wizardry) Alia's blog, (Wizard101 Addict) and David and Dustin's blog, (wizard101 info).

I'm also almost done with DS first crafting ring! I have all the diamonds for both rings and ghost fires! Now i need blakc lotus! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-The Hopless Crafter
Amber StarGem