Thursday, December 31, 2009


Ok so I'm trying to buy yakedo's hypothetical robe. (10,000 gold! sheesh!) I'm half way there but I need five thousand more gold. I'm thinking i'm gonna do stormfather a couple times. (he drops AMAZING stuff f.y.i.) So if any of you guys wanna help, be my guest. Also happy new year, I also resolve to post more often, btw. So I'll see you guys later in the new decade! WOOOT! LETS GO 2010!! Also, I might make a new header, for my blog, but I need YOUR descions. There will be a new poll up when the old one times out. But anyways, h


-Amber StarGem

Update: The poll is up and running and I added some new blogs to my blog list.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My New Years Resolution

Ok here are some of my New years resolutions.

-Beat up my brother many times

- Find out how to use my phone

-Be able to pick a lock

-Do at least 1 all nighter

-Tee pee someone's house

-Prank Call someone

-Ding dong Ditch someone

-Be dangerous

-Be mysterious

Too big? Well these are my new year's resolutions and I'm stickin to them.

Cya Laters!

-Amber StarGem

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well I had an awesome Christmas! (despite the fact that i didnt actually run downstairs and open presents immeadetly.) I woke up opened one present, went to serve at mass, and then went home, changed and opened presents.

Here's what I got:

-A at&t Propel Cell phone!

-A window seat

-A copy of Van Gogh Starry Night



-A lacrosse ball


-Gift Cards

-Pedicure kit

-Coat and scarf



-A Pearls Before Swine Box Calander

-Harry Potter 6 movie

-Allison Iraheta CD

Awesome rite? I hoped you guys had an awesome Christmas just like I had. (Altho my dog, Zoe ate part of the roast beef.

Eat lots of Ham!

-Amber StarGem

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I almost forgot to say Merry Christmas!

Ok Ok... I know I'm not supposed to be posting but ah oh well. I forgot to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I have a gift for all you people to remind you what the true meaning of Christmas is all about:

(click to enlarge)
and I hope you have a happy Christmas, get everything you want, and remember the true meaning of it all, Jesus. (I know I will cause I have to serve mass at 7:00 in the morning on Christmas! Anyone wanna trade spots?)

Hope You have a Merry Christmas,

-Amber StarGem

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ha ha still posting!

In my time its only 11:57 p.m. so it's still today BEAT THAT! I forgot to tell yall that I got my danger hound pet and gold. What did I spend my gold on you ask? An awesome new outfit for the GWC of course! (click to enlarge)

Up there in that photo is my new GWC outfit that I designed and my danger hound Shadow!


-Amber StarGem

P.S. Kestrel that outfit is the GWC outfit design, all of it. Its the same except your's will be in black and either light or dark green. That part is your choice

Sorry bout that last post....

Heh heh sorry bout that last post, my annoying, idiotic brother, JARED BROKE our computer chair and looked at stuff for wizard101 I had laying out! Anyways, I PROBABLY won't have another post until after Christmas. I just have to much stuff going on between friends coming in from out of town (Claire, and Foley)that are coming to our house tomorrow. And Christmas Eve and Christmas day are just WAY to hectic for me. I'll be posting after Christmas though, don't worry. I'll be posting such things as:

-My New Years Resolutions

-Parody of current events

- My wild self

- and MUCH more.

While you're about to explode because I'm not going to post for two three days, please enjoy this pic that made me lol:

I bet that Ditto house will be mine next year lolz!

Merry Christmas!

-Amber StarGem



-Amber StarGem

Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm kinda angry.....

I'm kinda angry right now.... Why must you ask?

First: i'm not getting ANY snow just some rain.

Second: My fingers and legs hurt.

Third: I lost my deodranent cap. I was checking my pillows going MR. DEODRERANT CAP? WHERE ARE YOU?? Finally I just decided that it ran away to Nebraska to herd with the buffalos.

Fourth: I was checking the main club penguin blog and this is what they said: We recognize that lots of you have so many different kinds of celebrations this time of year and we want everyone to feel included so instead of calling it a Christmas Party this year we're calling it the Holiday Party.

You've GOT to be kidding me! You know I have some Jewish friends and they dont really care what they call it. I'm sorry but I just HATE when this happens. Doesn't Club Penguin relize that the majority of the U.S. celebrates Christmas? Plus in the party they have stuff for Santa and CHRISTMAS TREES. It just doesn't make any sense... Thats what I love about wizard101, they're just like: Hell with this holiday crap! We're calling it and decorating it Christmas, so too bad. (altho I'm not sure if that was they're exact words...) I was watching this thing about the making of A charlie brown Christmas, and Charles Shultz says to put in the reference of the bible, (Linus quoting the bible verse.) and the people who were working with him said: Are you sure? People celebrate other things then just christmas. And Charles Schultz goes: If we don't then who will?. Anyways thats why I'm angry and happy right now.


-Amber StarGem

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Here's something interesting I found that's going to make vanilla from cow dung seem appetizing:

Here's the first paragraph of an article published in today's USA Today:

In the past three years, the government has provided the nation's schools with millions of pounds of beef and chicken that wouldn't meet the quality or safety standards of many fast-food restaurants.

What does that mean? Here are a couple of the article's many revelations:

1. US schools are often supplied with meat from chickens so old that they would otherwise only be suitable for compost or pet food.

2. Schools can serve ground beef that contains high levels of bacteria that often indicate the presence of fecal contamination. (Yes, that is what you think it is. And it's not a good thing. At all.)

Gross huh? That's right barf your guts out if you go to public schools. If you go to private be lucky that you dont have to deal with that. The only two things that's happen to MY lunchs was two green fries and some over frozen milk. I am SOOOOO glad I go to priavte school for once.


-Amber StarGem

P.S. I won't be going to the pvp thing. I'm having relatives over and I suck at pvp.

Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm Free...

I'm finally free from the clutches of teachers, and classes. Now to get some snow here! The people from Wizard101 info is getting like what? a foot and a half? How much am I getting? Two inches of slush at the most. I need an ice person people! Anyways, I absolutly LOVED Chicago, but it's great to be back where I can see the moon. (no joke, their was so much light pollution that you couldnt see the moon, any stars and the sky was BROWN) Anyways I had a HUGE sundae with alot alot alot of toppings and got REALLLYY hyper! Then before my first basketball game (we lost 5-24 more on that later) I had half a hershey's cookie and cream bar, and f course got queasy during the game. And now i'm not feeling that good either. Oh well, I'm getting Kiki Strike u.k. version soon. (ordering it today!) I know your wondering: What the %&^#$( is Amber doing with another Kiki Strike book? Doesnt she alreayd own them? (yes yes i do) but my books are SIGNED so I can't risk losing them. Plus I'm getting my subscription back today! Yay!! I havent posted also cause i'm working on a PJO series parody. WARNING: IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE PJO BOOKS KEEP AWAY YOU'LL THINK I'M PHYSCO!Well can't say I warned you. Here it is:

This is a parody of the Lightning Thief. I don't own the PJO series. The main people are Amber (me) Vanessa, (my friend) ,Percy, Grover ,and Annabeth. Enjoy!

Percy: Ya I have ADHD and dyslexia and get kicked out of every school blah blah blah blah blah.

Amber: Isn’t that rant supposed to take up like four $^&#$ pages?

Percy: Shut up you $^%& this is my story!

Amber: Actually I’m writing it smart one. I can make you die for all I care.

Grover: Um… Don’t we have a story to go on involving me and peanut butter in my hair?

Amber: Oh yeah right, go on.

Percy: Oh yyyeeeaaaahhhhhh….. Hey Nancy you son of a &^&*$% get your apse over here.

Grover: Forget it Percy, I like peanut butter.

Vanessa: *whistles* No he doesn’t!

Grover: Be quiet you &*%^&

Vanessa: Wanna take it to the street? *rolls up sleeves*

Grover: Bring it on Sissy!

Percy: Guys, Guys, you can settle this later. Now let’s just focus the main thing of this story, me.

Amber: For once I agree with Percy, well excluding the main story, me part.

Percy: Oh yeah, have the babes agree with m- HEY!

Amber and Vanessa: HA HA!

Vanessa: Tell me again, why did we agree to go with these imbeciles?

Amber: We’re getting paid $550 bucks per day.

Vanessa: Right, I knew it was something. Anywho…. Back to the story!

Mr. Brunner: Here’s stuff about Greek myths blah blah blah blah blah.

Amber: Ugh why is everyone doing blahs!?

Percy: Because it skips the boring part duh genius.

Lunch Time

Vanessa: Time to settle this argument goat boy.

Grover: Bring it on!

*Vanessa and Grover walk into the dark alley, screams start to be heard*

Percy: What am I supposed to do again?

Amber: This *pushes Percy in fountain and laughs*

Percy: WHY YOU LITTLE %(&^#!

Amber: Ooh rip-off of Simpsons line Percy. WAY to clique. *dodges wave that lands on Nancy*

Nancy: Teaaaccchhherr! I’m being all whiny and a tattletale and Percy pushed me!!

Mrs. Dodds: Now honey come over here so I can kill you.

Percy: OK!

Amber: Idiot

*A few seconds Vanessa comes out holding Grover above her head*

Vanessa: TAKE THAT GOAT BOY! *chucks Grover in dumpster*

Amber: Why do you always have to beat each other up?

Vanessa: He started it! Besides he was easy, only got a few scratches on me.

*Grover emerges from dumpster with a black eye, missing teeth, pulled hair, and bleeding everywhere*

Grover: Uhhhhh…… whaattt happeneddd?? *faints*

Amber: *sigh* This is going to be a LONG week.

I know what you're thinking... Why is Vanessa beating Grover up and not Amber? Well it's because Amber is going to be kicking ALOT more butt soon, Dont worry.


-Amber StarGem

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Greetings from Chicago!

Well hear I am in beatufil cold Chicago! I love it here. I went to the apple store, borders and an awesome two story Mc Donalds. I've had pizza, and garlic bread, and took two taxi's. At the resturant we went to you got to GRAFFITI the walls! But after an hour plane ride, and walking about four miles I'm pooped.I love the art the streets, everything about it. This will be my last post from Chicago cause I'm leaving in the next post I'll be back in good ol Saint Louis don't worry.


-Amber StarGem

P.S. I took alot of funny pictures on my phone Van! I'll show them to you when I get back.

P.S.S. Next time I hear a siren from my crappy hotel window. I'm chucking a chair out the window.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Interview by: Me and Vanessa Sunrider

Ok here is an interview with me and van today. The questions will be asked by this hobo we found in the streets. Vanessa: there are many these days you know. His name is Paul.

Random Hobo: Yo dawg how long have you guys been friends?

Van: Since third grade

Amber: Before that we both thought that each other were losers.

Van: Basically. We don't get technical.

Random Hobo: What was something recently that happened that was really funny?

Van: Well, for our school we had to see the Christmas Carol play. I was sitting next to Amber and my good friend Bailey. First, in the beginning, there were these younger kids in front of us. And it was obvious they were eavesdropping. So Amber Bailey and I started going: "Amber, you're so going to be expelled!!" And the kids were like, "OMG!!!" We were secretly laughing. Then, when the play started this random dude (possibly hobo) came on the stage and said that there was fog, but don't worry, nobody on stage will cough and we don't have to worry about coughing. Then, our ENTIRE grade burst into fits of coughing. It was hilarious. And I sorta fell asleep at one point ...

Amber: For 2 seconds smart one. Anyways after that at the end when scrooge dude turns happy he went to tiny tim pressed his nose and went BOOP! Immeadetly me and van did BOOP! later it turned to DIE! x punches arm x

Random Hobo: What do you guys do at school?

Van: Well, Amber and I aren't in the same class, but we hang out a lot mostly in study hall, in library.

Amber: Where we cheat at type to learn and change microsoft word to hellobob and cheesesticks.

Van: Lol. We hang out a lot and just goof around. I ALWAYS WANT THE BEST FOR YOU, MAN!

Amber: She just recited a hilarious show we just watched. Big Time Rush. We cracked up laughing and were listening to it right now..... For the seventh time....

Van: If you've heard of it, you might have thought it was stupid, but it's actually really funny and cool. Just so you know. HE GOT HIT BY A CAR FOR YOU, MAN!

Random Hobo: Dawg.

Van: Do you see a dog or something, hobo?

Random Hobo: Back to questions dawg, Whatcha yo want from santy claus??

Amber: Cell phone, Sword, to go to camp half blood, get a million bucks.

Van: For me, it's just the money.

Random Hobo: I want a 1923 bottle of Angus Scotch Wisky!

Van: ---

Random Hobo: Whats your favorite website?


Van: Yeah, lol. We always check that out during study hall times. No one works on homeowork during study halls, of course.

Random Hobo: What do you do?

Van: Amber had to do this Latin project one time, and the got banned because this dude in her grounp was all pysco. This guy in my class Ben made a story: This is bascially it ...

Hi said Ted. Hi said Ben. Hi said Madyln. Hi said Vanessa. Hi said Ben. Hello said Ted. Hi said Tyler. Hi said Matt. Bye said Ben, and if you say hi one more time I will burn you.

So that's Ben's writing abilities.

Don't even TRY to understand our school.

Random Hobo: Whats the best school for wizard101?


Van: The mental instituion only got me ONCE. Death and storm are the best schools.

Amber: See how she's mentally challenged?

Random Hobo: Whats the recent 411 on wiz101 yo?

Amber: Well.... I kinda turned vans mooshu waters into a nucleur waste dump gone wild.

Van: Then my friend Ryan Mistcaster swam in it. We forgot to tell him.

Amber: I kinda ate some toilet crap and threw up in the waters.

Random Hobo: What do you think are the 2 best book series ever?

Amber: Easy Kiki Strike and Percy Jackson

Van: Yeah

Random Hobo: Well I gotta go back to doing Hobo stuff. Peace out, dawgs.

Van: Why did he say dawg?

Amber: He's a rappin hobo

Van and amber: BYE BYE HOBO!!

Guide to having a great gaming life

Well today I want to show you how you can have a great online gamers life.

Step 1:
Always have the same (or similer) username for each game you play. Like for alot of my things I sign up I put in warriorgal or maidenhuntress. Easy to keep track of if your playing alot of games cause there are only to options.

Step 2:
For your password always keep the same username and password for all your games. Easy peasy lemon squeezee.

Step 3:
Make your charectar weird. Dont make it the usual black hair blue eyes like I stupidly made. Try having blue or white or bright purple hair in the game you play.

Step 4:
Make lots of friends and keep them close. If you dont have any friends the game doesnt have any meaning. Have friends, share jokes, and work on stuff together.

Step 5:
Don't be afraid to be outgoing in the game. In real life I'm very very shy, but in games I can be WHO I wish I could be, outgoing strong and awesome.

Got it?

Hope you gamers out there have a great gaming life!

-Amber StarGem

Monday, December 7, 2009



O.k. So my friends over at have this thing called the GRAND WIZARD COUNCIL!!

What is it?

Well here is everything on it from the site. I just copied and pasted it fyi. :P

Hello everyone, it’s Dustin and David here. We would like to say a few things about the GWC. First of all, we would like to go over one question that has been being asked to us constantly, in-game and out; “What does the GWC even do?”. We are not revealing yet what the GWC is going to do at this time. Don’t worry, it will be definitely fun and will have something to do with W101 Info, Sunday Moments, CFC, all this fun stuff. Even helping other players, and putting together in-game meetups. Not to mention making important decisions :)

That should clear up the first question. It is going to totally be fun once we get the whole program together. Right now we are just busy recruiting…

Now for the 2nd biggest question we have been getting; “How do you join the Council?”. A biggie, not doubt. There are a few ways you can join the GWC. One of them, which is the most difficult, is to try and let luck be with you as you search the entire Spiral for David or Dustin. This probably isn’t the best way to go about doing things, even though it worked for Chase :) . The most sensible one is to send us an email. There are, of course, a few things you have to know about signing up. The most important one, we think, is that the Junior is chosen by the Senior, 100%. You cannot sign up to be a Junior if the School you want to represent does not have a Senior. If the School you want to represent does have a Senior, than you can sign up to be the Junior. This means that the Junior is chosen by the Senior. If you sign up to be a Junior, you might be what the Senior is looking for.

If you would like to sign up for the Senior of a School, please email us at:

In order to even be considered for the Council, you have to fill out an application. Use the email above to contact us first, and then we can send you your application via email. In your first message, include the name of your student, his/her School, and what position you are going for. It is quite simple, but please, please, please, follow those directions. When you fill out your application, you can copy it into a Word or Pages document and fill it out. Then just copy it back into an email message. Simple as that! We will let you know soon if you have been selected or not.

Do not sign up for the GWC if you would rather be in a different School of Magic. If you are a Fire wizard, but really really really wish that you had started out Myth, then it isn’t a good idea for you to apply to be a Fire Representative. We want these slots filled with students who strongly think that their School of Magic is the best, and should be able to tell us why. *Note- This is a question on the application!!!*

We have also created a sub-group to the Council called the Omega Team. If you applied to be on the GWC and didn’t make the cut, then you are put on the Omega Team, who will fill in for Council members in battle if necessary.

We know, what to do to get on the Council might not be clear to you. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL US OR LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS PAGE! WE WILL REPLY TO YOU!

We look forward to having a great experience working with the GWC and the new Omega Team.

Yours truly,

Dustin MoonCatcher & David TitanRider

Ok so here it is to YOU fire students. All the spots have been filled up except for a fire junior. I am the myth senior and my junior is the one and only Ronan Ravenshard. So if you want to be a fire junior here are the rules. Remember I dont make them I just break them lolz jk.

-You have to have text chat

-You cant be famous

-You have to be fire

-You have to go on wizard101 pretty often.

Pretty simple huh? Just shoot an email to David and Dustin (Their email is up in the stuff I copied) and I hope to see you there!!


With Luck,

-Amber StarGem



Sorry bout that random outburst, couldnt help myself lolz.

-Amber StarGem

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Just so you know....

Here are some random disgusting facts I found if you just had lunch or are EATING lunch skip this post:

-Vanilla can now be extrated from cow dung

-Birds can eat trantulas

-There is a type of python that eats dogs

-There are a type edible jars made out of squid

-Would you like some snail caviar?

Thats it for now cause my mom is yelling at me to do my homework.


-Amber StarGem

Friday, December 4, 2009

Test Realm is here and I have photos!!

Ok I went on the test realm yesterday and it was SWEET!! (sry non subscribers) Here are my photos my each house with me, Vanessa Sunrider, Gabrielle IceHeart (Vans sister) and my alt. Enjoy! (this isnt all the photos fyi) :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009



School House Rocks on the Test Realm!
The Test Realm is once again up and running for Subscribers. Crowns players who have made a purchase in the last 30 days can also access this Test Realm!
For more information, see our Sneak Peek page at:

To read the Patch Notes for this update, visit our Patch Notes page at:

Patch Notes:
Theurgists, Sorcerers, Conjurers, Pyromancers, Necromancers, Thaumaturges, and Diviners rejoice! New School Themed Housing will arrive in the Spiral this month!

Whether you want a chilly Ice school themed house, or you've always wanted a Haunted House of your own

now you can have them in our upcoming School Themed Housing! And don't worry, young Wizards, any Wizard can buy any house, whether its your main School of Focus or not.

These houses will have space for 250 items outside and 150 items inside!

This housing will be available soon through the SHOP button on your Screen, under the Housing Icon. These houses are priced at 10 000 Crowns, or 100 000 Gold per house.
To Preview these houses, just press the Magnifying Glass in the SHOP window.

Block PvP Opponent Chat

Block PvP Opponent Chat
Under Options is a new ability that allows you to hide your opponent's Chat in Player vs Player combat. If you have this option enabled, during a PvP duel:
Anything you type cannot be seen by your opponents, but can be seen by your teammates and spectators.
Anything your opponents type you can’t see, but can be seen by their teammates and spectators.
All Menu Chat can be seen by everyone.
You can change this setting at any time, including during a PvP duel, but it will not take affect until the next turn.

Details, details, details.

Details, details, details...
As mentioned at the top of the page, we've made lots of minor bug fixes, small things that we won't list here and hopefully bugs you've never even known about. Here are just a handful of ones that players will obviously notice. Many of the ones not listed included small things like hair poking through a hat, or a spelling mistake in a quest. Have a look around and see if something that was bugging you, is no longer a bug!
Several new phrases have been added to the Menu Chat and we continue to evaluate the usability of the Menu Chat

Dragonspyre and Grizzleheim worlds were added to the World Spiral in Gamma's House.
Misleading shop signs have been removed from buildings in Dragonspyre.
Male robes no longer dye turquoise when you're trying to dye them orange.
You'll notice that the Health & Mana orbs are larger and a little different looking. Tell us what you think!
Once in a while, if you enter an area you've never been in before, the creatures may appear as

Wizards and Creatures of the Spiral alike should no longer survive a damaging hit that equals their current health.
Life minions will pay a little more attention to their summoners, and a little less attention on themselves.
Grendel Urchins and Darters should stay put in their combat sigils and no longer wind up flailing on their backs during combat.
All Henchmen have restacked their decks and should cast more appropriate spells.

Many housing items now have sound, so that fire should roar!
A Treasure Card version of Power Nova is now available.
Obsidian Chests should reappear promptly after use.
Band of Rising Stakes has been renamed to Hat of Rising Stakes, since it is afterall, a hat and not a ring.
The Warpwood staff which was only really a wand, has been renamed Warpwood Wand to reflect how it really looks.
Housing Islands will not be displayed under All Furniture tab anymore, but only under their own tab.
Residents of the Spiral:

If Eloise Merryweather won't talk to you, it's due to the fact you're still downloading all the clothing she has to offer. Once that download is complete, she'll be happy to assist you with your stitching request.
Eloise Merryweather has corrected her inventory in Dragonspyre. Seems the Vindicator Robe was mistakenly labelled as a Helm, the name has now been corrected.

During the Quest Olde News, Sergeant Muldoon will be correctly shown as being located in Olde Town.





Sorry I havent been on recently....

Ok Ok I know I know I havent been on recently.... I had a lot of homework tests and a Field Trip! We saw the play a Christmas Carol and then went to the resturant Lewis and Clark! It was awesome... Anyways.... I was at a favorite website of mine: at I found this really true article:

“I want fabulous, that is my simple request. All things fabulous, bigger and better and best. Fetch me my Jimmy Choo flip-flops. Where is my pink Prada tote? I need my Tiffany hair band. And then I can go for a float.”

I can’t tell you how many times I have witnessed a live karaoke version of this “High School Musical 2” song performed by the three little girls I babysit. It took only one of their shows for me to realize what the media is doing to the youth of our nation.

And it’s not just these girls who have been sucked into the brainwashing wave – it’s our little sisters, cousins, nieces, and neighbors too. Everywhere I go I see little girls dressed in super low-riding shorts, perfectly matching sparkly Hannah Montana belly shirts that bring out their glittery blue eye ­shadow. And with this I shed a tear and bid adieu to what we used to know as childhood, for it seems to me that the media in America today is causing adolescents, specifically females, to grow up much too fast and in the wrong way.

There are many “role models” for girls today who perhaps aren’t doing such a great job. One of the little girls I babysit is a big fan of a Disney star. She even dressed up as her for Halloween. I can imagine this 10-year-old, and many others, wanting to decorate her school binder with pictures and searching for her in Google Images. Terrifying but true: the very first picture that comes up is of this star in her underwear. This isn’t just one bad egg in the carton; in the next one she’s actually nude though thankfully blacked out in the appropriate (or should I say ­inappropriate) areas, and multiple pictures follow of the same variety. I’m really glad that young people are dressing like that for Halloween. Trick-or-treat, Grandma, the times are a-changing!

This is truly saddening because these celebrity role models actually do make an impression on our youth. A study by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute found that 40 percent of 9- and 10-year-old girls were trying to lose weight. Research into Saturday morning toy commercials noted that 50 percent of those aimed at girls spoke about physical attractiveness. But it’s not just these stars and commercials that are setting bad examples. Disney released “High School Musical” underwear for little girls with the words “Dive In” printed on the front. There is no way Disney could manufacture those without someone saying, “Hey, maybe people won’t think we mean dive into the swimming pool …” I think Walt just flipped over in his grave.

I’m not saying that we should lock up the children and throw away all ­televisions and computers. It’s healthy to see what the real world is like through the media to a certain extent. Some parents who shelter their children go too far at times, in my opinion. An online article ­reported that in one scene of Hannah Montana’s 3-D concert movie, she wasn’t wearing a seat belt. The article goes on to say that 65 percent of 13- to 15-year-olds killed in auto accidents in 2006 weren’t wearing seat belts. The blame for that cannot be placed on Hannah Montana; that’s going overboard, even if she did slip up.

Our world is quickly changing, and it may seem impossible to make an impact if you aren’t involved in the media, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Parents and other positive adult influences can really make a difference by talking to young people and ­letting them know that they are beautiful just the way they are. Show them a couple of Dove commercials to boost morale and pop in an episode of “Ed, Edd n Eddy” or “Recess” to show them that they can still be a kid and be themselves.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and think about what helped shape us. That’s why next time I babysit those singing and dancing girls, I’m going to bring along an Elton John CD to show them what music really is, and a copy of “Peter Pan,” who taught us to never grow up. If you know a young lady who is influenced by this type of media, step up and show her what manners, humility, and a little bit of fashion decency really look like. I can only hope that someday if I have a daughter, she’ll think Jimmy Choo is a type of bubble gum.

Did you read it all?
Ya I thought its true. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO SOCIETY? What happened to the good ol days where we could watch Authur, Tom and Jerry, and Blues Clues? Thats what I'm wondering. Also Themed housing is coming out. 20$ worth of crowns.... Yikes.... I hope they lower the prices!

-Amber StarGem