Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving people!!

Please enjoy these song lyrics I have sung for a long time and go perfect for Thanksgiving.

Sing to the Mountains
Sing to the Sea
Raise your voices
Lift your hearts!
This is the day the Lord has made
Let us rejoice and be glad!!

I will give thanks to you my Lord
You have answered my plea
You have saved my soul from death
You are my strength and my song!

Sing to the Mountains
Sing to the Sea
Raise your voices
Lift your hearts!
This is the day the Lord has made
Let us rejoice and be glad!!

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and eat lots of turkey!
(if your a vegetarian eat lots of potatoes!)
Watch the Macy's Day Parade!!
Remember: Yo Gabba Gabba is on there!!


-Amber StarGem

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WOOHOOO!!! preshow


While were waiting plz enjoy a lovely picture i found:


-Amber StarGem


Monday, November 23, 2009

Vanessa Sunriders 1st post

Hey so Van couldnt get my blogger account to work on her computer. (go figure) So she wrote it all out in our school library during study hall. Here it is.

With Luck,

-Amber StarGem

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I couldnt post this weekend. Been very preoccupied...I recently had a soccer tounament and when I was practicing it went over the goal and hit a random dude in the side of the head. So random Guy if you're reading this.....

I'm Sorry XD

I'm having a hard time writing this post. Not because I dont know what to write, but that there are many nosy people in this library. That's the thing about the school library. Some people come in to study or to read, where most people I know play games, just talk, or break the school's protective firewall. ( Van's friend, Olivia, yells in distance: IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!)

Yeah right Olivia

Well back to the post. That mostly was meaningless but the blod lettering makes it actually interesting to you:


Who here [who is level 15 and up] doesnt choose to have a house? Sure it's cool to have cool houses and all but doesnt it waste money? [Amber: NOOOO!!] Those quests that give housing items are fine, But spending 1000's and 1000's of gold isnt helpful when you could get better gear. Mostly there are many cons for housing, but there IS always a pro somewhere. Where else would wizards hide their dead bodies, orgainize rebellious societies, and host irregular meetings?

You didnt hear that from me.

Cya around the Spiral!

-Vanessa SunRider

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here's my entry!

Ok here's my entry for the witch warrior101 kayako card contest:

I wont be posting at all today. I have volleyball celebration, I have to serve for mass, and I have to do a science projest on war of the worlds! But dont worry I'm still going on wizard101!!


-Amber StarGem

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Ok i'm back! and I have THINGS to tell YOU. Ok we'll do kiki strike first. And since i'm REALLY lazy ill just post from the kiki strike blog! ( Ok here it is:
1. Will there be a Kiki #3 and when will it be out?
2. Why has it taken soooooo long?
3. How have you been spending your time if you haven't been writing Kiki #3?

There will be a Kiki #3. It's called The Darkness Dwellers. (Though that title may change before it's published.) And it will (most likely) be out in early 2011. I know that sounds like forever, but in publishing terms it's just around the corner. (Okay, that probably didn't make you feel any better, did it?)

However, as I've told many of you who've written me, I PROMISE it will be worth the wait. Among the many questions the book will answer . . .

Will Kiki finally seize the throne of Pokrovia?
Why is Livia Galatzina bald?
Does Oona Wong really have an identical twin?
Why do fish forks exist?
Is escargot as delicious as it looks?
Are the catacombs beneath Paris anything like the Shadow City?
Who is Ananka Fishbein's secret crush?
Why is an executive from a pharmaceutical company following DeeDee Morlock?

It's going to be awesome. (Well, I find it entertaining!)

Okay, on to the next question. So what have I been doing with my time? Well I've been writing another book. It's called The Eternal Ones. It will be in bookstores next summer (and not just in the US)! It's for teens and adults, so I wouldn't recommend it for those of you who are under 14 or so. (Yes, I know. It's totally unfair. Sorry about that.) It's a dark romance/thriller about a girl whose visions of another life lead her on a quest to find her one eternal love. Along the way she encounters shadowy figures, secret societies, and a private security force known only as the gray men. (And yes, the figure shown above plays a key role in the book.)

Ok next subject, I saw New Moon yesterday. And here is my review:

New Moon was better then I expected. But I thought is would suck! It's one of those things that are between sucked and O.K. If you've read it then you'll find thats it's NOTHING like the book. They didnt spend anytime on telling anything about the Voultri, Alice hijacking the car, and the werewolves. So now you know of MY review. Although it was funny when I heard girls cheering when Jacob took his shirt off. And thats it.

Finally last thing!


Thats right! My friend Vanessa Sunrider will be helping me take over the blog. I'm still gonna post the same. I know Vanessa SunRider in real life, and she is exactly like me, although not so dark. Here's a picture of Van:

If you look hard you can see me, my twin(not my evil one) Shes the one with the white hair. And you can also see Vans twin.(the one who looks exatly the same with van. Vanessa is going to post sometime this weekend (I think) and is going to post bout something funny. I don wanna ruin the surprise though.


-Amber StarGem

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sorry I haven't been on recently...

I'm SOOO sorry I havent been on recently! I've been busy reading the kiki strike website! (Who's gonna have some juicy info tomorrow cant wait!) I've been watching some new shows. Big bunny and making fiends. I'll give you a summary of both. Or if you just dont want to listen to me you can go here:

Making Fiends:

Making Fiends is an AWESOME webshow. It's about a girl named Charolate. Who's bright and happy and joyful. She moves to the dreaded clamburg which is ruled by Vendetta and her fiends. So of course Charolate thinks that she's best friend with Vendetta. And Vendetta is always plotting to kill Charolate. Thats about it. It pretty dark though. If you dont believe me here's the theme song:
There once was a little girl
a girl who could make fiends
she had the whole town terrified
the girl who could make fiends.
Then there cam another girl
who wanted to be FRIENDS.
Vendetta can not stand her.
And so she plots her end.
Making fiends making fiends
Vendetta's always making fiends
Making fiends while charolate makes friends!

Thats it Pretty dark huh?

Big Bunnny:
One day thee kids walk into the forest and meet a caniball bunny. Two of them are morons and the other is a genuis. The bunny tells interesting stories (lol jk) about red squirrels, turnip kings and others. This is a funny series and you should watch it. Big bunny does not have a theme song!

Well cya laters with happier post about kiki strike! (hopefully!)

-Amber StarGem

Monday, November 16, 2009

Interview with my evil twin!

Hello friends. Today I'm going to be interviewing my evil twin: Amber StarGem

Amber: Hello Evil Twin

Evil Twin: DO NOT call me that. I'm just your twin a twin named Amber StarGem

Amber: mutters quietly: An evil twin who likes to kill people.

Evil Twin:What was that?

Amber: Oh nothing

Amber: Soooo how did you become evil?

Evil Twin: idk why did you become nice?

Hey Hey HEY! I'm saying the questions!

Evil Twin: Fine

Amber: So why did you choose the school of life when your so evil?

Evil Twin: I DIDNT CHOOSE LIFE! You made me with your little oh maybe this will make her less evil c*rp


Amber:So why do you like to dress in black all the time??

Evil Twin: So I can sneak back into the shadows of the enemies i'm tricking

Amber: What has been your best prank

Evil Twin: One time Mr. D (Cyrus Drake) was passing by. I made a vine sprout that he tripped over, then made a bunch of vines with thorns where his face landed. It was hilarious!

Amber:Finally for the last question. What is your favorite monster?

Evil Twin: Oh Dark Fairy definitly its life but dark, and mean.

Amber: And goth....


Amber: And thats all for today!!

Cya laters!

-Amber StarGem


I'm happy today. I got my Valor Sword!!! Here's an awesome picture holding my sword o eagle fury:

Awesome rite?
Well i gtg and do my suckish latin and social studies homework bout the ancient egyptians.

-Amber StarGem

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life and Death Story Chapter 1

Ok... So I've had this story in my head for about 2 weeks now its a Wizard101 story that takes place in the modern world and in Ravenwood. The main charecters are a Life girl named Livia and a Death boy named Duncan. Thats all you need to know right now.

I stood outside an empty parking lot in the night. Duncan was there with me and thats was it. I could feel Earths energy and presence in me as life people always do. I'm wearing faded jeans with a pouch that has a faint green glow surrounding it, black steeled toed boots, a faded green shirt that reads "Woodstock 3 days of Peace and Music" on it, and a red ring that's a flower. My red hair with a couple of curls is down and my eyes are glowing bright green as always. "You" sure? I asked Duncan. "Yes" Duncan said in a sharp mean tone that all death student have. He's wearing black jeans, a black shirt with a skull on it and a skull ring. He has dark black eyes and black greasy hair. He also has a pouch but his has a black glow around it. He closes his eyes and starts chanting in a language I can't decipher. It must be Ancient Death. Slowly a thick black aura starts surronding him and then he stops, rubs his ring, and puts his hand down. Out of the ground undead come with shovels and pick axes. They chip at the parking lot until all the asphalt is gone. Then the return underground to the Underworld. Duncan had summon the undead. "Nice" I say to him. He grunts and says nothing. Then I do a quick chant in Ancient Life with a green aura surronding me. I grow up grass, new plants,flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. I put my arms down, rub my ring, and throw my arms down exhasted. We have just turned this abandon parking lot into a garden. "Ok were done with our reports" I say breathing a sigh of relief. "Finally!" he says in a sarcastic tone. His report was to summon the undead and mine was to make a garden out of a dirty area. Everyone Wins! We start back on our way home until we hear a heavy, unhuman, breathing behind us. We look back and gasp.

Thats it for now! I'll have more soon dont worry!


-Amber StarGem

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Harvest Fest 2009!

Well the Harvest Fest was Awesome!! I added many new friends! (a.k.a. Alyssa Silverheart, Sierra StarSong, and Charles Raven) I got to talk to Jesssica FairyHeart on Amber Fairyheart, Cassandra from witch warrior, Friendly, Fallon, and Sierra. After the Harvest Fest we had alot of blogger people have an AWESOME PARTY at my house! We went in my lava tub, and played hide and go seek!! For all those who missed my after party I'll post some pictures soon as a tour of my house. Sorry this is so short but I dont know what else to say. I hope to see everyone on wizard101 soon! Maybe we can have an exclusive blogger party soon!


-Amber StarGem

Friday, November 13, 2009

Diary Entry 1

Hello diary:

It's my favorite day of the year! Friday the 13th! You see I'm so unlucky that 13 is my LUCKY number and Friday the 13th is my LUCKY day! Get it got it? good. And of course EVERYONE knows Blue Monday is the unluckiest day where most people commit sucide because of: bad weather, high levels of debt, the number of days since Christmas, the number of days since failing our New Year's resolutions, low motivational levels and the feeling of a need to take action. So if there's accident and choas DONT BLAME ME! I warned you! I hate those unneciary people who just port to you. I was in the Cave of sorrows gathering ore and got caught in a battle. I was beginning to log out when my FRIEND ported to me. After 15 minutes we finally finished the people off and I almost strangled him. I love myth sooooo much! I love dreaming up creatures, making them into lifelike statues and watch my life friends breathe life into my creation and it..... Oh here I go on my dream cycle again! I had an awesome time at the harvest fest although I wish it wasnt so crowded. (You know me Miss. AntiSocial!) Well I think thats all! Now time to go and gather some more ore WITH my friends port turned off. (Dont want no annoying friends to port do we?) To craft into diamonds for my wonderful stupid dragonspyre ring quest. X sigh X Well Cya Later!

-Amber StarGem

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sports I play

I cant wait for basketball season!! My volleyball season is over now :( It went by so quickly!! I also do dance. In dance I do: Modern (barefoot) Jazz, Ballet(BORING), and Tap. The reason I dont play that much sports is that every year in every sport I play this always happens:

So ya now you know a bit about me and what sports I play. Gtg!!


-Amber Stargem (who always gets hit with a ball in the face!)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hello peoples!

My good friend in wizard101 and in real life has started blogging. She's obsessed with wizard101 and septimus heap. Here's a picture of her:

If you want to check out her blog its:

Welcome to the blogsphere christina!

I'll probably have a post bout the harvest fest soon. I hope to see many people there. I have no school tomorrow and friday so i can relax and sit back. I have a girl scout campout where you cant have any: Phones PJs books or swiss army knives! Oh well... I'm gonna smuggle my cheapo five year old phone and a book and maybe a swiss army knife anyways. It a performance of high school musical. (x pukes x) Well maybe I can work backstage. That would be coolio.


-Amber StarGem

Friday, November 6, 2009

Can I draw eh?

Well people are actually saying my drawing skills are good. To argue this argument i show you this:

Ya its a horse. I think it looks like an alien. Point Taken.

Next is my O.K. drawing skills:

And thats all I can do. I also want to send a shout out to 2 things. One is to Jessica Fairyhearts grandmother who died. May she Rest in Eternal Peace with God. The last one is to waffles! ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY WAFFLE!

Cya later!

-Amber StarGem the waffle gurl

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good job on 200 posts Awesome Pyromancer!!!!!!

HIII!!! I'm bored today..... My heart goes out to cass whos friends got murdered may they R.I.P. But thats not my reason for this post today. As today the awesome pyromancer has had 201 posts. Geez thats alot! To non bloggers it might not be but so far i've been doing this for almost four monthes and I only have 48 posts. So I tried with my suckish drawing skills and made this:

Jessica has helped me earn plubicity and has mentioned me in many blog posts. For this I will forever owe you gratitude. And now I have a small token for Jessica and for many of my friends who have menu chat.


First go to and log on.

Then click on my accouts and enter your parental control password. If you dont know it you click on forgot password below it on small text and it will send an email to the email account you registered when you made an account on Wizard101.

Then make the text chat box Enable Test chat

Press O.K.

Then your done!

I hope I see you all on Wizard101 soon with menu chat and GREAT JOB ON 200 POSTS JESSICA!


-Amber StarGem

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hey! I'm posting this a day after halloween. Sorry I didn't post ON halloween. I was to busy. But I did go on Wizard101 as a ninja witich. I also had time to send a message to all of the people who read the myth master:

Also I got a bunch of candy and it was also..... MY BROTHERS BIRTHDAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED! I went trick or treating at my friends house and I was a Three hole punch version of myself:
(sorry if this doesnt show up)
My friends were a ninja, killer, and a vampire. It was funny because when we saw a car coming we would run up into the sidewalk and all my friends looked like they were killing me! The car then slowly passed us like wtf? We had ten cars past by it was SO funny! Well Happy late Halloween!


-Amber StarGem