Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I love my broom! Why do I love it so much? I'll tell you!

Setting:Colossus Boulevard Amber riding on her purple glider.

I love how the wind blows in my face making my cheeks a light pink. How I zoom past the other wizards on their silly little legs. As I race down through the windy, snowy streets racing down and turning at the paved corners narrowly mssing houses and statues. Little blizzards blow through the streets as snow gets on my hair. A coldness wipes through my body. My light delicate myth design robes are now freezing and wet although I dont mind. I get down to the courtyard and laugh. Happiness fills my body. I loved this ride with my broom.

Sooooo... how do you like it? You dont have to comment. Also

Their are many planets. I know all of them their god, and their god name in greek. The only goddess is Venus goddess of love and beauty. Which leads me to a question. Why is it that Venus gets a planet but Diana (Artemis) Goddess of hunt or Minerva (Athena) Goddess of wisdom dont get it instead? They've done more. And Diana and Minerva have much more interesting births. They are also daughters of Jupiter. Venus just rose out of the sea one day, started the idea of divorce, and made people fall in love who didnt want to and suffer. Minerva started the idea of spiders, arts and crafts, she also fought for war with ideal reasons and smarts. Diana made the idea of the moon, jackalopes, swore never to marry, never get to age, and helped win a war with two sons of Posideon who might've destroyed the human race. This shows that Diana or Minerva should've gotten the planet, not Venus.

Well cya laters!


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