Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Ok here are some ideas for the game....

1.forges- Havent you always wanted to craft your own sword? You can go to forge and make an awesome design and with about 5,000 gold buy it and have your friends mouths drop open.

2.teleportation devices- Havent you always wanted to go like in the middle of mooshu for a quest but it take like forever! You point on the person or monster for the quest and you instanly go to the side.

3.Furniture design- Have you always fell in love with an item but find out its not your color? When you buy the item you can choose any colors you want

4.Clothes dying- I think this has happened to all of us. Were looking for the perfect colors to dye and you cant find it. Then you go and find the color you want with more colors!

Thats it for now gotta go and practice archery!


-Amber StarGem

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