Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lookin Back..

From the Myth Master's Team's Desk...

Ok, I'm writing this during a Malistaire Run, and 11 at night but I simply, DO. NOT. CARE!

I was inspired by Alia's post about looking back (heheh I just squished a little fly that was on my monitor, ANYWHOOOO) So I wanted to tell MY story...

*Flashback...* (Gee this blog has a bunch of Flashbacks)

One day at the end of September, a girl saw a commercial for a game called Wizard101. She simply thought, like all other commericals about games, that it was a scam. Until...

her best friend, went over to her house, and brought up Wizard101. The girl was shocked, as she ranted on and on about schools, and quests, and such such.

Now let me tell you, this girl was in LOVE with the Harry Potter, and all things magic, but she was still doubtfull.

Then came Halloween, she went over to that same friend's house for Halloween. Before they went Trick-or-Treating, they went to the friends computer. She showed her, her person, who she named Vanessa Sunrider, with red hair, and blue/green eyes, and in the school of storm.

The girl clicked on create a new person, then chose the best look, (hair down), and black hair, to look wizardish. She then chose the same face as Vanessa and her colors were light blue and black.

She didn't take the test, she just chose the coolest one, which was Myth. A few days later she had it downloaded on her computer, and soon enough became the wizard as Amber StarGem.

*End flashback*

I started blogging last year at the end of May, and my colors are black and light blue. I love to relive the moments on Unicorn Way, etc., etc., with my alts. It's like walking down memory lane.

Here's the first picture I ever took at the VERY first Meet, and Greet:

Aren't I hideous??

I know

I know

I still have that outfit, believe it or not. I was a grandmaster then, AND grizzleheim was out.

First time I blogged NO ONE visited so I quitted. Then Allan (Fair Pyromancer) saw my blog, and the rest, well is history.

Well thats it,

-Amber StarGem


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gahhhh!!!!! memories .... lol i remember. you can be squishing flies and up at 11 but it will never be as weird as sitting in your neighbor's tree at 10 in the morning wearing your pajamas. thats what im doing xD