Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wizard101, throughout my time

From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....

Hello all. First here's a little general info: I joined the game at the end of October 2008, I beat the game in June, 2009.

So what's my point??

I've been playing for almost a YEAR of being a grandmaster. I've watched as they introduced Grizzleheim, for younger wizards, I've made alt's with no success, the Bazaar, so YOUNGER wizards can grab their gear, with no problem at all, I saw as you could buy mounts, and then wings later on and I watched as younger players could grab houses and housing items.

US, wizards had to farm till we fall asleep for that gear. We got barely ANYTHING from doing quests besides gold, and XP. We did side quests till it hurt, to level up. We had to narrowly escape monsters in the MB streets, and MS ninja pigs.

Do you see where I'm going??

All the younger kids, get everything handed to them which makes them weaker. Us "ancient" wizards are tougher, because we're simply used to dissapointment.

Sure, these feature's are great, but whats in the near future?? I don't know but, sometimes I wish that I could erase all these features, and have it like it used to be.

My other point??

I've played Wizard101 being a GM, for about a year now, with nothing to do. I feel like I'm a "Pretty", from the book Pretties by Scot Whethersfield. Once you get out of being an "ugly" (like a younger wizard) You get turned into a bubbly teenager with amazing clothes, ton of gold, and after that, you're only objective is to have fun, and party.

Sound familier?? That's right it's the role that us GM's play. I'm not saying younger players are ugly, that's how they we're like in the book "Uglies.

The whole point: I think the younger players are getting everything handed to them on a plate, and Wizard101 in becoming kinda boring, with no updates for us.

Well that's it.

-Amber StarGem

P.S. Autumn can we meet at 11:00 central, by Dworgyn on Wu area 1?? If you read this too late, we can boost it up to 1:00 central.

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David said...

Natalie Crowshard begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting, and I, David Frostcrafter, will be throwing an “Earth Gathering.”

Where: Ravenwood, Realm Vampire Area 1

When: May 1, 2010 at 12:00 central time.

Who: Anybody who wants to have a good time!

Oh, and if possible wear green clothing supporting the “Earth” theme. Thanks, and I hope to see you there!