Monday, June 7, 2010


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From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....

Goodbye all,

I'm leaving the blogsphere. Forever. I'm leaving this blog up for a week, then deleting it. I had a fun time with you all, but I have to leave. My best blogging friend, Allan Dragonhammer, quit today too. We started around the same time, and I think it's fitting we both leave at the same time.

Why am I leaving?

I'm just not into it anymore. I find it a chore to blog, and I just don't have the heart to do it anymore. I'm still playing Wizard101, but leaving blogging for real this time.

Bill Watterson, who did the fabulous comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, quit after 10 years. Yet his legacy lived on, because the strip never became boring. So that's what I'm doing, blogging wise. I hope you understand, and thank you all, for the wonderful memories I've had over the past year blogging.

As they said at the very last strip of Calvin and Hobbes:

It's a Magical World Hobbes ole' buddy,
Let's go exploring!!

This is Amber StarGem, signing off forever.


Heather Raven said...

I respect you desion, but will you at least leave the blog up so we can read and re-read it?

The bloggers of the spiral will miss you Amber!

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

I agree, leave the blog.

I'll miss you as a blog buddy, but at least we'll still see each other in the spiral! I'm sad to see you go, but if it makes you unhappy, why do it?

-Kestrel :(

Amber Rosepetal Aka Rosie said...


Alyssa said...

Aw, bye Amber! We'll miss your blog! Well, like Heather said, can you leave it up? PLLLLLLLLZ?


Bye Amber


(Wait will you still be on ConnectX?)

Al Fonzo said...

Heather: I'm sorry, but I can't bear leaving this behind while I move on to other things. It's just not fitting. I'm leaving it up for a week, so hopefully that will give you enough time to look over the memories of the Myth Master. :)

Alyssa: Yes, I'll stay on ConnectX, and still check blogs. :)


-Amber StarGem

Nails said...

Alas, this is a wise decision.

The Myth Master was the most funny blog in the spiral.

I had fun, those 2 posts I made.

I respect your decision.

I'll miss this blog, a lot


Jessica said...


Hopefully you'll still stay in contact...

You are like a best friend to me in Wizard101, and I find it sad to let you go from the blogosphere.

So I say, so long! (Text chat me!) Take care and have fun on your adventures. I hope you'll think back on this experience.

It would be kinda weird to say thing in-game, but I'm sure you will become a wonderful person someday. I look forward to reading one of your books or such.

I still remember when we first met. In the altar of the kings, after I asked people to help me with statue farming. I had no idea how much you'd grow on me. :)

witchwarrior said...

goodbye myth master!


M.W.S said...

Your an outstanding blogger Amber! We'll all miss you but, it's for the best. Take care of yourself!

-Malorn I:

Lyssie said...

I agree with you about Blogging becoming a chore. It is painfully annoying. I will miss you Amber. Good luck with what ever path life takes you on. (the reason i am doing a very formal good bye is I almost never see you on and when we are on we almost never talk)
-Lyssie aka silverheart

My2Cents said...

Bye Amber. I posted a more formal bye on my blog. Check it if you wanna see it. Just wanted to say sorry for the last time about all those quarrels we had. I didn't really mean 'em. I was just . . . stupid. Yeah, I admitted it. Sorry for everything. Hope to see you in-game sometime.


Natalie Crowshard said...

No way!! Just like that? We'll all miss you! You've been a fantastic blogger and your place in this large blogging world will always be remembered...

-Eternally Green (Natalie Crowshard) P.S. What will happen to Vanessa and Ronan?

MysteryJellyfish said...
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Anonymous said...

Bye! That Calvin+Hobbes comic was a great ending btw, One of my faves, always wish Bill Watterson had kept going after 10 years ;)