Sunday, September 5, 2010

Momma's Back!

That's right! The Myth Master is back....
Posting once a month!
I'm sorry but it's true! Here's how my schedule is this year:
Monday: Field Hockey Practice
Tuesday: Show Choir and Dance
Wednesday: Dance
Thursday: Volleyball, and Dance
Friday: Nothing

So as you see I'm very busy. I'm taking 7 dance classes, and I have to juggle sports, show choir, and plays with it too.

So anyways, next week, I'll be starting the first monthly post! I hope that you enjoy it, and I'm hoping to add Wizard101 into it too, but its hard, because Celestia is taking a long time, and being a grand master us getting boring. (Remember I've been one for over a year!) So I'm going to stay here and scan the radio till I find a song I like!
First One: Be Alright (never heard of it NEXT!)
Second One: Bed rock (HATE THAT SONG!)
Third One: Half of my Heart (eh it's ok... NEXT)
Fourth One: Here I am (nah)
Fifth One: Your Ex Lover is Dead (FINALLY)

I admit, I put on a Cd I made to end it...


-Mystery Jellyfish
(aka Amber StarGem)


Heather Raven said...

WELCOME BACK AMBER! We missed yoooooou! :D

Jessica said...


witchwarrior said...

YAY! Amber-chan!