Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back again

It is true, that the Myth Master is back again. And that means?
Yes! I am back too.
Not neccessarily, seeing as I had my own small blogs, but I guess it just wasn't as fun as the Myth Master, yeah?
I am glad to be back, with Amber. Seeing as we keep in touch but don't go to the same school anymore *tear*. But that is fine, we're still besties.
Wizard101 related:


Me using the word 'epic' and all caps shows the seriousness in this sentence, yeah?
Okay, at first, you might have heard me say bad things about the pets. True, I still do not like Derby etc., but the new pets you can make are just plain AWESOME.
I got into this spirit because my good friend Sam told me how to hatch a pet. Turns out I could make two VERY cool pets with just my stormzilla and wraith. The catch: They had to be adults.
I worked very hard and I DID make them adults believe it or not.

Yep! Then I got some cash and hatched. What happened?



Awesome right?
If you're someone who likes to hatch, here are some tips:
1. To find out what your pet is early, go to the dye show and under 'rename' for pets, it shows what your pets are.
2. For stormzilla + wraith = necromantic egg is the Tempest pet.
3. For stormzilla + wraith = stormsquall egg is the Grimzilla pet.

I think they're really cool.
All there's left to do is to decide who gets what pet. Any ideas?

Glad to be back,

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