Saturday, September 25, 2010

Worldwide Day Of Play

Today, according to my Nickelodeon viewings, is the world wide day of play. I'll be blunt to you webites when I tell you it means "GET OFF THE COMPUTER, AND PLAY!"

Sooo, in the afternoon, Nickelodeon will go off air, and that means, to not change the channel, but get off the stinkin couch, and PLAY! Now today, I'm planning on dancing in my new dance studio, practicing volleyball, going to the mall, with my new friend Gabby, And I also have a field hockey game, and an hour later, I have a volleyball game.

So as you see, I'm going to be very active today, and I'm encouraging you, to be active too!

This is Amber StarGem, signing off to go outside and play.


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