Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chapter 2

I saw a huge gaping hole right behind my dorm. The hole swallowed many flowers trees and park benches. I almost screamed when I saw a little wizard peek out of the hole who was caked in mud and barely even looked human. She gave me a little wave poked back in the hole then came out and disapeared. I can't even think what would've happened to my life if I havent put on a heavy coat and my snow boots and went outside. There was an old frayed rope that looked like it could break any minute. With my luck it did while i was climbing down. I fell down and landed with a thud in the deep dark mud soiling my clothes. When i got up back to my feet I saw a little room. There was an old frayed spellbooks newspaper and moldy dictionaries in the room. I immeaditly started looking for an exit. As I was looking I saw an old book that wasnt caked in mud. I quickly grabbed it and tucked it in my inside pocket. Finally I found an exit that the little girl had written in a different language that I couldn't decipher. But since i didnt know i pulled and tugged the handle. When I tugged it I fell backwards and soiled my clothes again. I went down a large ladder and saw the most amazing thing that Ravenwood will ever see.

Well? How do you like it so far? please leave your responses.

-Amber StarGem

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