Saturday, August 29, 2009

Heres a tale to weave..

Ok so i decided since i'm SO BORED that i'm creating a story. Ok? ok. Well lets start.

It was a dismal fall day. I was walking out of the bazaar with my backpack slung out of my shoulder with who knows what in it. As I passed the shopping district I waved hello to my father in the robe shop and hello to my mother in the hat shop. I passed through the commons with ease and went up through the Ravenwood tunnel. Since it was a regular fall day almost no one was out except me. I took a walk through the life school and felt a nice warm breeze on me. I waved hello to blossom and moo linda wu. Then I passed through the myth school and felt like i was home. I waved hello to ivan and waved to Professer Drake who sneered at me as usual. I went through the tiny gap of the death school and felt a cool chilly breeze. I quickly walked passed it then went through the fire, ice, and storm school. Then i went to my dorm. As I was getting my books out my eyes drifted to the window. And there I saw the most amazing, weirdest thing in the history of Ravenwood....

Thats all for today! Every good book leaves you hanging! Ill try and post some more tomorrow.

-Amber StarGem

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