Monday, August 31, 2009

Chapter 3

What I saw was a lost kingdom. There was abandon houses and mini villages. But the most amazing thing was a castle. There was a tall moat surrounding the black castle with a tiny tattered flag of a crown with a serpent that says Neliopia. I relized that I was probably the first person to see this in the 21 century much less the 20th. In case I might be relized at any moment I climbed up the ladder. Then I stacked the tables and chairs to get myself up. When I got up to high ground I relized that only I and the little girl should know about this. I quickly found a patch of turf and layes it on the hole. I added a couple more layers so it will stay sturdy. I added some fake flowers then left. I took off my clothes. (which by now you couldn't even tell the colors they were so muddy) Threw them in a sack then dropped the sack to change. Thats when I heard a large thump and remembered my book. The title was Neliopia a History. What I didnt found out until later was that there was a note inside it. It said DEATH TOWER 06:00. I checked my watch it was 5:00 I quickly got my clothes washed then got ready to meet the young wizard and find out what she knew about Neliopia The lost Kingdom.

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- Amber StarGem

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