Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well here we are again.....

Here we are again just less then one week for school to start. x sighs x Which means less time to play wizard101 so ill still be on once a day. But just probably for like 30-60 minutes maybe an two hours. Which means less blogging. Yeppers Peppers its coming down to the last wire of summer. So i'm gonna take a trip through Wizard101 this summer. You can come with me if you will.


Ah June the best summer month in my book. There was crafting bazaar grizzleheim and open chat. Also there was long hot summer days in the pool and school was right long forgotten in our heads.

This is when they fixed the outrageous bosses and other minor things. It was also when the Friendly Necromancer had the Diapermancer! Which means the diapermancer is a little more then a month old! Also then more fixes were made and the also changed the bazaar. And then we arrived to.........

Well they changed the repot system and added blogs to Wizard101 central. They also deactivated all the codes but spell. (In case you didnt know the codes were frog house and spell!) You can purchase more crowns and gift cards online at best buy.

This has been a wonderful summer with everyone and I hope next summer is as memoriable has this one was. ;)

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