Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blog Update Numero Uno

HI Everybody!

Happy Sunday!

Erm... I haven't blogged in like 3 months, so here's my best shot....

Here's how the Myth Master's weekly blog layout is going to be like.

Monday-Friday= Numerous Musings, Song Lyrics, etc. by me
Saturday= A bit of a regular size, random post, that can be about almost ANYTHING
Sunday= A Blog/Wizard101 Update

So let's start first with Blog Updates.
Ok, so in case your blind, I changed my template, and with that I added an Ipod that you can listen to if you want. To listen to, just click on the play button. (It's always on shuffle btw) I also might add some new blogs, take away old ones, I don't even go to anymore. But please don't ask me to put your blog on here. I won't, because I only put my closest friends on here. Got it?

Wizard101 Updates:
Well, unless you've been under a rock, you should know that the Test Realm is up, with Selena Gomez.
Just to be frank, I'd rather have Taylor Swift, or Lady Gaga. But out of all the disney stars, she would be best... I guess.
I mean, I did the quest, but I thought she sounded to snobby. I mean every other sentence she mentioned her CD release. Who does that??

Ok, so now that I mentioned Lady Gaga, I'm imagining the quest with her in it. It would be SO COOL! She could wear a different outfit each time, and at the end, she sings Just Dance, with the crabs in the white Bad Romance costumes. How awesome would that be?
Very, I know.

And for Taylor Swift, she could sing Love Story, in a pretty dress, with rainbows, and unicorns shooting out of the sky.

Um.. I think I like Lady Gaga's world better. (No offense Taylor)

Ok, One more thing before I sign off.

What I need in this blog is feedback. Do you love my new Ipod feature, hate it? Like my Lady Gaga World, wanna strangle it?
Tell Me, please, cause with your feedback, I can make this blog better.


-Amber StarGem
(Or Mystery Jellyfish, if you want)

UPDATE: Here are some of the costumes I would like to see Lady Gaga in Wizard101 wear:

Yes, I know it's the glee members, but I like all their costumes..


Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Oh my goodness Lady Gaga crabs would be AWESOME!

Claw claw claw-claw-claaw, roma, romama, gaga ooh la la, want your bad romance! :D

Jessica said...

Hopefully Lady Gaga will be dressed appropriately...