Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chapter 4

After getting my laundry done and dropped off at my house I quickly ran through the crowd of wizards (mostly newbies) When I finally ran through the waterfall and into the Nightside. I checked my watch 6:08 it read. There was people gathered around Mortis but they didnt notice me as i ran by them into the Death Tower. There stood the girl, arms across her shoulders and staring sternley at me. She had pale white hair and a little tiny bit of tone in her skin but barely, and she had black robes (which must've costed ALOT!) and was very tiny. "Your late" she snapped. If you wanna go to Neliopia with me you have to be either early or on time". "Who says I wanna work with you? I snapped back. "Because she said with an evilish grin that made me suspect she was up to no good. " I have a map of it and I lended you my book". I was shocked and stunned at the same time. "How did you get a map and the book about it"? I asked quizzily. "You destroyed half my yard." "Sorry bout that she said. " I had to get your attention and go into Nealiopia." How do you know so much about this Nealiopia I said confused." "Because she said again." " I live in Nealiopia."

Sorry there isnt much about this! I will try and get a better chapter tomorrow!

-Amber StarGem


stingite said...

I'm interested in hearing more about Nealiopia!

JediRex said...

Nealiopai! Hmmm... very very interesting!

Jessica said...

Whats it like?