Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What happening around here and I HAVE QUESTIONS FOR YOU!

ok so here is whats happening in my world...
Ran for student council Lost in first round
Ran for speech team Didnt make it
Ran for Ambassador Same thing

Am I seeing a trend here?

So aside from having a crappy time at school..


Ok so here are some questions and I want some true honest answers ok? ok

Should I stop the Neliopia story? I only have 5 chapters left at the most.

Should I just plot it and tell you what happens? Not that much action though.....

I have been writing a new story its about a daughter of Hermes Amber (If you've read the Percy Jackson series you know what I'm talking about) Who finds something that will change her life forever. Should I publish this on the Myth Master??

Ok send your replys in a week I will tell you the final answers....


-Amber StarGem


Jessica said...

Sure! I love reading stories! Especailly ones that are exciting, so don't just tell us the plot! Well, I hope you get a better time in school! (mine isn't going that well too)

stingite said...

sorry about you not winning all those things at school. That can be heartbreaking. When I was in school I ran for class VP my second year and made it through the first round. It was tough when I ended up not making it. It made me more determined and the next two years, I won! Keep trying!