Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chapter 7

"Oh no" I said. I stopped short in my tracks. Less then a second later everyone ran into me and i came crashing in the mud. "Ugh" I said. "Sorry!" came echos behind us. I sighed. Oh well I can always clean it I thought to myself. "Well what is it?" snapped Jenna. She seemed really cranky today. Or maybe she always is I have no idea. "To get back out of Nealiopia I used the chairs and tables. They cant hold all of our weight or they'll fall. "Relax I took care of that" said Jenna. "You did?" I said? "Uh ya?" she said in a sarcastic tone. I was beginning to dislike Jenna even more every minute. So we quickly opened the trapdoor and all fell in expecting a set of stairs. We all soiled are clothes except for Jenna who was floating gently down using a black umbrella. We all glared at her. She smiled sarcasticly. We decided to ignore it it wasnt risk not exploring Nealiopia all because of some dirty clothes. Then with alot of strength Jenna pulled the trapdoor open easily. We all climbed down the tiring set of steps then we all gasped in awe. Except for Jenna of course.

Sorry this is so short! I've been SO SO busy! I'll try and make a longer chapter! It depends on my homework! BYE BYE!

-Amber StarGem

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