Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chapter 5

"Ok you got me there" I said. "But whats your name?" "Jenna Strike" she said. "What are we going to do in Nealiopia?" I said. "Easy follow me" she said. I followed her and soon we came into a WC large house. Jenna knocked on the door and surprisingly a girl with long red hair came to it. "Jenna whats up?" she said. I could tell she was a storm student cause she had a stormzilla pet. "Amber meet Vanessa Sunrider an amazing wand/sword crafter also amazing with chemicals. She is training under an apprentice title for the person who makes sword drops although she does much better then him." "Hey" I said. "Hi" she said back. "So what do you want from me a sword?" "No" said Jenna. "Remember that huge whole you found leading to another city?" "Yeah" she said. "Kinda hard to forget". "Ok Amber and I are going to explore it." And were inviting you to come" "Sure" she said with a shrug. "Ok then come with us" "She followed us and we went into a different setting. A large Krokotopia house. Jenna went up to the door and knocked on it. A girl with a freaky electric purple hairdo came out her bangs covering her head. "Hey Danielle" she said. "Hey" she said back. I know what you guys want you want me to come along with you guys into Neliopia to help you right? Oh and your Amber and your Vanessa." Vanessa and I were stunned. Until Jenna spoke up that is. "Danielle is gifted with almost every talent you can think of. Except with chemicals and metal that is." "Uh huh" she said with a reply. "Ok then clearly you've read the date and your coming with us right?" Jenna said. "Right" said Danielle. "Ok then meeting Saturday at Ambers House see you guys there!" And then Jenna vanished. Then Vanessa then me. I soon then relized the mess of my house and thought it would be impossible to get it clean in time.

Ok Sorry this doesnt come with a cliffhanger ending! I promise it will next time though!

-Amber StarGem

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