Friday, September 4, 2009

Chapter 6

I was able to get my house done and by 2:00 the condition of my house was fair. I pushed my library of books to the side to make it kinda walkable and took some stains off and cleaned up. Then a doorbell rang. "Who is it?" I yelled. "Jenna Strike" came a small reply. "Oh gosh oh gosh" said thoughts in my head. "Hold on!" I yelled. "Why is she so early?" came a thought in my head. I ran to the door and opened it. "Sorry bout that" I said. "No prob" she said. "Sooo how did Neliopia get deserted?" I asked. She spoke in a clear quick tone. "Once upon a time Neliopia was a wonderful kingdom. People gathered sunlight from the upper world and got the sun rays to show here. Everything was peaceful and happy nothing bad ever happened. Then on one day everything went horribly wrong. The kingdom was celebrating because the queen had a baby. It was a wonderful beutiful girl. Then an assasin came into the palace. He fired a silver bullet in the queen's heart. The queen died instanly. Someone was luckily able to take the baby and disappeared. Alas since the princess was still a baby the the Assasin took over and the people were powerless. They had to follow his order and many people turned into his slaves. Then someone remembered a room they found earlier. At night the climbed up the ladder and escaped at night. When the Assasin woke up everyone was gone. Except for me of course I forgot an slept through it. When I woke up I relized everyone was gone except for the Assasin so I hid. It was pretty easy because it was just me an the Assasin in a whole town. The Assasin didn't like being alone so he hung himself. So it was just me alone in Neliopia. I ate peoples food and drank the water from the moat. I did that for years until I ran out of food. I remembered the ladder and climbed up it. Therefore catching your attention." I was there stunned. That girl had guts. Then the doorbell rang. I relized the time it was 4:00, meeting time. I opened the door an let Vanessa and Danielle in. "Ok so here is the supplies you need" said Jenna. "Are you ready to go"? We all nodded. "Then come on lets go." And we went into my backyard to enter the lost kingdom of Neliopia.

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stingite said...

A silver bullet in the queen's heart? Is Neliopia a land of werewolves? awesome!