Sunday, February 14, 2010

My valentine's gift to you

From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....

Yep here's my Valentine's gift to you! A prolouge to my new story! *gets hit with rotten tomatoes* OH COME ON!* stomps off stage in huff*

My name is Lightningia, I'm serious, that IS my real name. I guess my parents knew I would be in Storm, when a Lightning Bolt struck our house the day I was born. I was raised in Mooshu, and when the time came, I enrolled in Ravenwood under the school of storm.

Let me tell you about my appearence, I have blond hair, with purple streaks, and calm violet eyes, my mother says. I am level 42 in Mooshu, at the moment. I usually wear my level 40 clothes with storm insigna's on them. I usually wear my Jade Oni blade, and my favorite color is of course purple.

One day I was calmly walking through the Jade Palace exterior, with the neat little shops, the temple stairs, which are so fun to play on, and the little lake, which is nice to dip your feet in.

I was walking on the dirt path, waving hello to the mighty cow soldiers, or the goat monks. Suddenly I was ran over with a girl in Dragonspyre clothing, on a broom yelling "OUTTA MY WAY!". I turned to see who it was, but I could only see her black hair, and her black and blue colors of her outfit.

I saw a little girl in Krokotopia clothing run towards me, her white hair streaming out in the sun. "I'm SO sorry!" she apologized helping me get up, her purple eyes shining with apology. "My sister can be a little wild sometimes." "Who are you?? What are you talking about?" I asked feeling kinda woozy from the hit.

"My name is Calamity StarGem. And my sister Amber just ran over you." she said.

So how do you like it?? Haha, Amber is going to be BY far, my favorite person to write.

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-Amber StarGem


Kyle firesword said...

The best! Happy to hear you are staying! You're the greatest blogger ever in the spiral!

Jessica said...

Nice! Yes, Amber can be wild.

Charles Raven said...

Pretty cool. Some people really are like this: "GET OUTTA MY WAY!" Geez, isn't it annoying when people push you around like that?