Friday, February 19, 2010

Tag Team!

From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....

Re: I'm taking a break ... So I'm stepping in! (Van, hehe)

Sure, Amber has put out the Myth Master is a *team*, but do you guys actually like this? Should I step down and just let Amber post for a while now? I won't cry myself to sleep if you don't like it don't worry. Not a lot of people comment, but if you do, please say something, k? K.
You guys probably don't know about me. At all. Sure, I'm Amber's best (and only) friend in real life (kidding!) (maybe) (yeah.), but this is what you should know:

A: Amber and I are like spies. We don't see each other because we have zero classes together, but we find ways to communicate ... secretly.
a.) This brings me to the letters. We talk by writing not notes, but letters, and somehow getting them to each other (e.g.: Dropping on books while changing classes) without teachers seeing. AMBER, however, is not too good at this.
B: We're now big on writing letters because of this book, the Year of the Secret Assingments. It's written all in letters.
a.) To kind of quote from that book in my own words: (Said by Lydia:) "I believe I can say what needs to be said, fall in love, and find myself by just saying the right words."
C: We're alike but different. We're crimminal masterminds, of course. Just get to know us and you'll see and obvious difference.
D: This is the layout for my numerous science notes.


Now I've probably bored you all by this, but hopefully I'll find something the next time I belog about on Wizard101 to talk about. Ideas? Hmm.

Boringly yours,

*Vanessa Sunrider*


Jessica said...

AWESOME! I've always wanted to do that, but, my friends are always in my class.

M.W.S said...

Nice blog btw (followed it added to my list hopefully the same for yours)... Check out mines at:

Anonymous said...

Haha thanks Jessica!! It's a ton of fun thanks for your comment. Hope to see you around the spiral?

Vanessa A. Sunrider

My2Cents said...

Lol. I was going to do the letter thing, but my friends and I mostly just talk in the hallways and set up times to go to the bathroom at the same time XD. Ugh my head is aching lolz. This idiot at school shoved my head like INTO a tree. Ugh . . .

Anonymous said...


Ouch, dude!!!!! Amber and I set up some times to see each other but the letter thing works more efficiently. That guy doe ssound like an idiot, pushing your head *in* a tree. Get him back unleash your inner ninja ....

All the bests,
Vanessa A. Sunrider