Friday, May 21, 2010

:) (Check out last post if you haven't) :p

and 8. The Batman
7. Evel Knievl (however it's spelling idk)
6. Xcaliber
5. The ninja
4. The screaming eagle
3. Superman tower of power
2. Mr Freeze
1. The boss
From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....
I'm feeling like a star, you can't stop my shine
I'm loving cloud nine, my head's in the sky
I'm solo,
I'm ridin' solo,
I'm ridin' solo,
I'm ridin' solo
-Solo Jason Derulo.
If you haven't heard that song, look it up. It's my song of the day. It just makes me happy.
Anyway, it's the last day of school, and I can't even believe I made it through the year. It's true, at the service at the end of the day I was crying for Amber.
I was hugging her and walking at the same time, and this dude Ethan is like "Oh my God."
And I'm just like "Shut up, Ethan."
And he's just like "No, you shut up."
Then I'm like "No, you shut up."
LOL, but I'm actually happy. For Amber.
After school, I went to Six Flags, and for you who don't know what that is-it's the most amazing place for roller coasters ever!!!
Everyone said they were going after school, but we didn't see anyone, besides my friends Matt and David. Shout out for them, they're awesome! :D
So, the pics above (I had issues for some reason trying to move them down last time, so just live with them up there) are all the things I went on.
The scariest was the boss, and you wouldn't think, but it's 1. wooden 2. you get jerked around a lot so you think you're going to fly out 3. there are a million drops, circles, and it's fast.
Mr. Freeze-a shout out to everyone who's been on it-if you've been on Mr. Freeze you are not a roller coaster wimp. It's about 70 mph. One part about coasters that are the creepiest parts, is when you're just sitting in the car waiting for something to happen. In the Freeze, you just burst out really fast. Then, you go straight up, stay there for a second, then fall back down and do everything again backwards. I love it! Only bad thing is that it's super fast, David timed it with his phone, it's 48 seconds.
Ze Tower of Power-now a shout out to Amber, who went on this when she was six-
It's just you climb up slowly, then you drop. I lost my stomach, like it flew up. I didn't throw up LOL it was just a weird feeling.
The screaming eagle-it's basically going up .... and then dropping. It's fun :D but, I never knew why it was called screaming eagle, but I now know. When you go fast, the tracks make a screeeeeeching sound like an eagle's cry.
It's actually a really good name LOL
The ninja-wow, that was wasn't scary. Worst part is that your head jerks around a lot. Another shout out to Sean (Kingston) who I saw there-you're awesome and ghetto!
Xcaliber-it was fun, spinning a lot. You can feel gravity pulling against you. During the ride, their were some technical difficulties, during the ride, with balancing. David was like "OH MY GOD" But I told him they were kidding.
They weren't.
Evel whatever-it was named after some daredevil dude, and it was kind of risky. Wooden, super fast. Really fun, I had my hands up, (they're playin' my song :D)
The batman-with your legs hanging out it just adds to the fun. Upside down, baby!
Well, that's all for today. It's been an amazing day, and now I'm going to drive-in movie night to see my band of four play.
I don't know why. I'm just so happy right now.
Final shout out to Amber again-I love you girl, you'll be a rockstar at the new school!
Lots of Love,


Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Eh, I'm really not a rollercoaster person. But the only one in town is this wooden one called The Rattler. I hear it's very, very fast. I've been on one of those towers, though, and loooved it.

Ah, and before I forget, I'm gonna take a picture of my awesome shoelaces...

Natalie Crowshard said...

Omg I can't wait till my last day of school :D I don't wanna say where my favorite amusement park is, cause it might give away where I live. But it's indoors and super-duper fun! my favorite ride is the Avatar Air-Bender!! So fun :)