Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I was put in timeout?

From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....
...interesting day at school.
So we have the Wednesday News, basically paper that no one cares about or reads. Basically we throw it away.
It's given to the youngest or only, so I pick up the papers, and this evil, twisted, ugly, awful, HORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBLE guy Sam says, "Poke," and pokes me in the back
I roll my eyes at him, and my teacher says, "Oh Ms., quit it with the attitude."
So Sam and Ben, who was behind Sam, were like, "Yeahhhhh," and Ben was laughing at me too.
So I was just like, "Shut up, Ben."
And my teacher is like OOOOOO: "DID YOU JUST SAY SHUT UP?!?!" (she's partly kidding)
And I'm like "yeah ..."
And she's like "You have a 12 minute time out!"
Ben was just like, "Now go, sit in the corner."
So I did.
After 12 minutes my teacher was like, "So do you know why you were in trouble?"
Me: "Yes?"
Her: "Now say you're sorry."
Me: "I'm sorry Ben for telling you to shut up?"
Her: "YAY!!"
It was entirely weird.
On a different note, Amber was going into Social Studies as I was coming out, and she was trying to talk to me, and then Mr. Coco blows the whistle. It's soo loud and I was like right next to him so I had a small heart attack.
Whew. It's stressful, I have bad hearing already.
Next, to refer to my comments: Kestrel, it's not really a nerd school, this school Amber wants to go to, but it does have really good academics. And Amber has told me it's actually $14,000.
Big dif, it's still WAY to much money for me to ever attend. So I shall go to my wonderful school.
When I say wonderful I mean it sucks.


P.S. Hum ... Hum Hum Hum Hum (teehee!!)
P.P.S. Kestrel get on w101! D:

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