Monday, May 24, 2010


From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....
Starting with summer.
It's been awesome so far!
It's realllllllyy hot outside though, so that kind of sucks. But that's okay I don't really care. You know you're in my neighborhood when everyone is shoeless.
Plus, for some really weird reason, these elementary school kids are like suddenly obsessed with rollerblading... I mean you can't even go outside without seeing a kid rollerblading.
I mean, what the heck? I have no idea how that got started, but I guess it was one of those things that just happened without saying anything.
Anyway, on the first day of summer (Well, not technically but whatever) I painted my nails. I know, epic, but it was just the perfect day.

Isn't that pretty cool?
It's this green-ish with sparkles(: lol. My sis did my nails because 1. She's awesome at it and 2. I paint hers she paints mine, that's just how it works.
Soo anyway, after my nails dried, I painted my little neighbor's nails too. They're in 3rd and 1st grade, so cute, and I babysit them. We're like dis *crosses fingers* and I'm like they're best friend and role model. It's so funny :D
After that, we blow bubbles. I don't just go it because they want to, it's because I LOVE BUBBLES :D Remember, Amber, when we blew bubbles? xD
Then I took them to the pond by my house and we caught tadpoles. It was fun, just scooping out dirty pond water with your bear hands and catching the little tadpoles.
Then we had pudding xD
But the next day was a LOT more interesting. My cousin Rose and her brothers came over, and Rose and I are like dis *Crosses fingers*
So we come up with an idea (Amber, remember? lol).. we play this arrow game, that you guys should try sometime. One team of people hide somewhere in the neighborhood, leaving arrows showing where they are. We also played where you can write riddles.
So my sister and cousin Louis hid, and Rose and I went to find them.
We pretty much lost them for like 2 hours.
We couldn't find them because first their arrows pointed to the sewer.
I was like "No way."
And then I stooped down and was like "Hello ... hello ... hello??"
Rose was like "Dude, they're not down there."
So we finally find more arrows, but it takes a while. After the longest trip around the neighborhood following tons of arrows, we find them.
Behind some bushes.
I bet our neighbors are like ... "HUH?!" Because we left a ton of arrows and riddles all around.
That's just us.
Naturally weird.
so this was a weird post.

P.S.: Sorry if you dont like this post. It was incoheriant, SORRY D:


M.W.S said...

Yes, and it's super HOT in Missouri!

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Oh, people, you ain't seen hot till you live in Nuevo Mejico. Bleh. One time my brother's soccer ball literally exploded 'cause of the heat.

Anonymous said...

ahaha kestrel you're totally right!