Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Stargem's: A History.

From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....

"Ok everyone! Gather round!" Amber yelled.

Bloggers, friends, and Amber's story people gathered around her.

"Have you guys ever wondered, where me and Calamity, our family comes from?"

Most nodded, some were still stunned.

"The Stargems, are a rich family, in the history. Most of the ghosts, in Dragonspyre, are StarGem's ancestors. My mom, and dad lived in Dragonspyre, before Malistaire came. My mom was in myth, my dad in fire. Mom fought dragons, and dad ran the robe store." Amber said, passing around a photo of a lady, wearing armor, with black spiky hair, and a man, with bright red hair.

"Then I was born, and raised in Dragonspyre, until I was 10. By then, Malistaire came, and there was explosions, where we hid in the shelter. Also by then, I had 3 sisters, and mom was pregnant, with twins. I bid farewell to my sisters, and parents. I was entering the school of myth, to the joy of my mom, and when I left, she gave me a bag, that was for "When I was in grave danger." My father tried to sneak a sword in my bag, but caught by Cyrus, who always hated him. Years past,and I got letters from my mom, telling of the explosions becoming more frequent. One time, I went to visit, I was in Marleybone at the time, and I was shocked." she spoke.

"My family home was in ruins. A deputy chief was inspecting it, saying it had just happened, a bomb fell nearby it. Ignoring his shouts, I ran into the smoldering house, catching burns. I searched, but all I couldn't find my parents. I then heard crying, and then I saw Calamity, who was 4 at the time, crying behind her bed. She sobbed, telling me, how "mommy, and daddy" tried to save all of us, including them, but failed. She said, that "evil men" went, and took all the children away, and the only one's she could save was her, and my two year old sister Scarlet." Amber told them, wiping a tear from her eye.

"I gave Scarlet to foster care, and met up with her a few months back. Calamity stayed at my house, until she got her own, a year ago. It was hard, caring for another girl, but I managed. For my parents, they died, along with a sister a year younger, who was sickly a ton. They tore down my family house, and I have a few things I salvaged, from the fire. Sometimes, I see their ghosts, in Dragonspyre. They tell me, that most people who are ghosts, have gone evil, but they won't. They also tell me to say strong, care for my sisters, (when I find all of them) and the only way I can survive, as long as they did, when evil lurks, is to have trust in friends, and siblings." she finished up.

-Amber StarGem

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