Friday, January 15, 2010


From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....

Hey guys,

It's Vanessa Sunrider here, and I've been on the Myth Master once or twice ... but I'm not here to talk about me, again, I'm coming up with an idea.
First I'll put this out here: Sorry, Dustin, for the misscommunication. That was nothing, and I hope you're not offended or anything. I'm not against the GWC, I'm for the good idea, man. But this is my little thing, called the WWAA, Wizards Who Are Awesome. Waa. Ha. You can say it. It's kinda a word. Anyways, it's an idea for people in the GWC and not. I know many people got cut, and that's the only thing I don't like from the GWC. So I made this for people who aren't in. We don't have leaders, we just have meetings sometimes, where we farm, goof around I guess, make parties, and idk, just have fun in the w101 world. Everyone makes it in, no try-outs.
I'm not an organized person, so we won't have uniforms or anything. It will just people hanging out. I know, many of you will think it's stupid, but most of my ideas are stupid. My main priority is getting up, surviving, and going back to bed. I just hope that people will decide to join this. It will be fun to just hang out and meet some new people in this thing, and hopefully people can give me some ideas too.
I'm not creative.
Anyways it WONT BE SQUARE DANCING, as you may have heard with a few posts back. I'm in Amber's grade. I feel it.
You get "Right hand to your parter, grand right and left" stuck in your head for weeks, I tell you.
So maybe if you can comment, thanks.

See ya around the Spiral
Vanessa Sunrider, WWAA (waaaaaaaaa)

Amber's Comments: Great First Post Van!!


Anonymous said...

Dustin MoonCatcher here-
Vanessa, don't worry about the "miscommunication"! It's fine, really. I understand that the GWC isn't necessarily for you because people get cut, and I'm not gonna deny. It hurts me to tell someone that they just don't meet the requirements or there's somebody better. It does. But for me, having a nice organized council, full of the people perfect for their jobs; it's just how I run. And I get that it isn't your thing. I love your idea about the WWAA. Good luck with it! And I hope you post more; you're a great writer.

1Handed Elephant Lover said...

How do we join the WWAA?
-William Dragonthorn

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks Dustin, I'm glad we're cool with the whole ... thing. Thanks about me being a good write though :D

And William, can you meet me at 12:15 in Olde Town, realm Wu, area one, next to that old lady? Cool.

Vanessa Sunrider