Thursday, January 7, 2010


From the Myth Master's Desk.....

Let me just say that today was AWESOME!! I went over to Van's house, since we had no school and we went on this WICKED hill.

First we went to her neighbor's hill which was ok... I almost rammed in to a bush a couple times but it was ok. But for some reason we left and went to a new place.

We went to a "hill" er I guess you could call it that. We had to push ourselves down, and when we did it was slowly. I was like "Livin the Dream, Livin the Dream." Then Van just cracked up.

Finally we found ourselves the perfect hill with a frozen lake. We were like WHEEE!! we did that a couple times then left, to avoid frostbite.

We hung out at Van's house while we, played Mario Party 7 on her Wii. (we won btw) Then Van's sister Gabrielle, came back and we went sledding one last time, before my mom came.

We went to the third hill and sledded like 15 times. One time I tried it at a different angle, where a post with electrical stuff was. When I went I almost rammed into it. I was like "AHHH ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AAHHHHH!!!!!!". Then I slid on the frozen lake. When I got off I was like "Worst. Idea. Ever." That just make Van and Gab crack up even more. We did it a couple more times, sliding into the lake, or falling off. I kept on throwing snow on Van too. One time I was borrowing their foam sled for a run and on the way back I lightly tapped Gab on the head. Which made her fall. Which made us laugh. Finally we were like ONE MORE TIME! and slid down.

Like I said before Worst. Idea. Ever. My sled went on a bump (probably a rock) and my butt has been huring ever since. Van stomach started hurting for some reason, so we went home.

Now I'm hoping for no school tomorrow. We still have snow the high's going to be 13 degrees, (lows -2) and half of the schools are closed.


-Amber StarGem or Al Fonzo
The butt hurting freak


Jessica said...

Aww, I want snow!

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Lucky! Where I live they cancel school if there is like 1 inch of snow, because it hardly ever snows.

My2Cents said...

Me too, Kestrel! Where I am it hasn't snowed like ever.