Sunday, January 10, 2010

Story and Contest!!

From the Myth Master's Desk.....

I've made a new story on fan fiction that's a cross over of Kiki Strike. It's titled Iz Cameron and the Irregulars. Here is the first chapter:

My alarm clock rings in my ear. I groan and chuck it at the wall. It doesn’t stop. Of course, my parents got an instructable one after the last couple I broke. I groggily get out of bed and remember why I have to get up so early. Today’s my first day at Atlanta School for Girls in New York.

Let me tell you about myself. My name is Isabella but everyone calls me Iz, which I prefer more. I am 15 and I have red hair with blue and purple lowlights (I dyed them one day when I was bored) and hazel eyes. I’m what you call a bad boy. I get kicked out of every school pretty much, for silly reasons.

Like the reason that I got booted out last school year was that I kinda locked my teacher outside the room, had a rockin party in it with my friends and then kinda chucked her desk out the window. So I got expelled of course.

Anywho it was a new year and I didn’t want to want to get expelled… maybe I won’t…. Awww who am I kidding?

I yawn in the mirror and start applying my makeup. I apply mascara, lipstick, black eyeliner, all on a layer of foundation. Perfect. I rack my closet and found the outfit I wanted to wear. I slip on a white shirt with a shooting star in rainbow metallic, taking half of the shirt diagonally, a leather black jacket, and black jeans. Check one more time in the mirror. Perfect. I go downstairs to my mansion and tell the servant: “Coffee and pancakes with syrup and butter.” I forgot to tell you I’m rich and I hate it, I’m pretty smart though.

About 15 minutes later I grab my black messenger bag with heavy books which I hated and left my mansion sulkily. “Stupid school” I thought gloomily. On my way to the subway I passed a few logos on the sidewalk with a golden I that looks a girl in running motion. Weird but cool street art I thought to myself.

When I got to the subway I looked around. There was about 5 girls on the subway with me. They looked rather plain to me, with jeans and a plain shirt on. Only one stood out, out of all of them. She was wearing a white shirt over a cute red short denim jacket, with a plaid skirt, and tall high red boots. She had green eyes, glasses and short wispy brown hair. I decided to sit next to her.

“Hey my name is Iz do you go to Atlanta?” I asked reaching out my hand.

Yes, my name is Ananka Fishbein, Scholarship or Rich?” she said shaking my hand.

“Rich sadly. I HATE being rich and I HATE school. How bout you” I said.

She raised an eyebrow at that. “In between I have a trust fund that pays for education. I hate school too.”

Then the subway rolled to a stop. "I guess I’ll see you later than Ananka."

“Me too I hope you’re in one of my classes.” she said and for once she smiled.

We got off at the stop and she got her messenger bag (which was black also) and I got mine. I noticed as we got out of the subway that her bag had some kind of mark on it. One that was golden. I peered closely for another look. There, on her bag was the I that I saw on the street. I gasped.

She spun around “What?”

Like it?? If you want to read more here's the link: read it if you want.

I'm also hosting a contest. The first one to translate the following wins 3 orthrus cards, AND a friend request from your's truly if you're not already. Here's the sentence:

Salvete puri et pullae. Quid agitis? Sum bona. Praenomen Ambera StarGema.

Good Luck!

-Ambera StarGema

P.S. It's in Latin

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