Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My awesome week..

From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....

Ok so I'm really in a happy mood. (:O *GASP!*) You know why?? BECAUSE THIS WEEK IS CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK!

*Gasp!* You don't know what Catholic School's Week is?? :O Well, according to like the pope or somethin, they have this thing called Catholic School's Week. (a.k.a party time) It has fun stuff, and I'll give you a lowdown on everything. (Cause that's how I roll!)


Open house for Parents SNORE!


Playing games with third graders. (the people we played with were show shy, so it was all really awkward them JERKS!!)


Bring in a Movie and Snack day! ( No Math Class YYAYY) and donate for the people in Hatiti and get a dress down day.


The two eldest grades play Volleyball (go carpool!!)


Dress up in patriotic clothes, then at random moments in class they'll play music and we'll have to get up and dance.

To be honest with ya I'm just happy with getting barely any homework and getting to not dress in our sucky uniform. YYYYAAAYYY!!!

From the Kinda Happy,

Amber StarGem

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Silverheart said...

The ctholic school around me dosn't do that. at least as far as I know. I don't go there and neather does any one I know. hmmm sounds like Home coming in my school exsept we don't have to go down and pretend we are enjoying time with little kids. And we get to watch people randomly go out in the middle of the gym and dance : ) Well hope you have fun with that stuff: )