Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year! New Changes!

From the Myth Master's Desk.....

I added some new changes here! First of all according to my poll: (which is going by GREAT btw! thanks guys!) I'm probably going to have a new header. After this poll I'm going to have a poll on which outfit to wear for the header. (I know I'm hopeless! lolz)

Second of all: To comment you go to a seperate page which I prefer MUCH better! (Thanks Alia for showing me!)

Third: Whenever I post a template that says From the Myth Master's Desk..... will show up. I think it's cool AND annoying! SCORE!

I also plan to be posting much more often with longer posts. Also for all of you that wanted to check out the Kiki Strike Blog (where I get half of my info for this blog!) is now under my bloglist! It's called Ananka's Diary. I also added Kestrel's blog, (Shadowthistle school of wizardry) Alia's blog, (Wizard101 Addict) and David and Dustin's blog, (wizard101 info).

I'm also almost done with DS first crafting ring! I have all the diamonds for both rings and ghost fires! Now i need blakc lotus! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-The Hopless Crafter
Amber StarGem

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Anonymous said...

While farming for those Lotus (or using the Bazaar or Transmuting, btw), make sure you hang onto any Black Pearls you might get. You'll need a TON for the next 3 rings of DragonSpyre crafting.
-Dustin MoonCatcher