Sunday, November 15, 2009

Life and Death Story Chapter 1

Ok... So I've had this story in my head for about 2 weeks now its a Wizard101 story that takes place in the modern world and in Ravenwood. The main charecters are a Life girl named Livia and a Death boy named Duncan. Thats all you need to know right now.

I stood outside an empty parking lot in the night. Duncan was there with me and thats was it. I could feel Earths energy and presence in me as life people always do. I'm wearing faded jeans with a pouch that has a faint green glow surrounding it, black steeled toed boots, a faded green shirt that reads "Woodstock 3 days of Peace and Music" on it, and a red ring that's a flower. My red hair with a couple of curls is down and my eyes are glowing bright green as always. "You" sure? I asked Duncan. "Yes" Duncan said in a sharp mean tone that all death student have. He's wearing black jeans, a black shirt with a skull on it and a skull ring. He has dark black eyes and black greasy hair. He also has a pouch but his has a black glow around it. He closes his eyes and starts chanting in a language I can't decipher. It must be Ancient Death. Slowly a thick black aura starts surronding him and then he stops, rubs his ring, and puts his hand down. Out of the ground undead come with shovels and pick axes. They chip at the parking lot until all the asphalt is gone. Then the return underground to the Underworld. Duncan had summon the undead. "Nice" I say to him. He grunts and says nothing. Then I do a quick chant in Ancient Life with a green aura surronding me. I grow up grass, new plants,flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables. I put my arms down, rub my ring, and throw my arms down exhasted. We have just turned this abandon parking lot into a garden. "Ok were done with our reports" I say breathing a sigh of relief. "Finally!" he says in a sarcastic tone. His report was to summon the undead and mine was to make a garden out of a dirty area. Everyone Wins! We start back on our way home until we hear a heavy, unhuman, breathing behind us. We look back and gasp.

Thats it for now! I'll have more soon dont worry!


-Amber StarGem

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