Monday, November 23, 2009

Vanessa Sunriders 1st post

Hey so Van couldnt get my blogger account to work on her computer. (go figure) So she wrote it all out in our school library during study hall. Here it is.

With Luck,

-Amber StarGem

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I couldnt post this weekend. Been very preoccupied...I recently had a soccer tounament and when I was practicing it went over the goal and hit a random dude in the side of the head. So random Guy if you're reading this.....

I'm Sorry XD

I'm having a hard time writing this post. Not because I dont know what to write, but that there are many nosy people in this library. That's the thing about the school library. Some people come in to study or to read, where most people I know play games, just talk, or break the school's protective firewall. ( Van's friend, Olivia, yells in distance: IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!)

Yeah right Olivia

Well back to the post. That mostly was meaningless but the blod lettering makes it actually interesting to you:


Who here [who is level 15 and up] doesnt choose to have a house? Sure it's cool to have cool houses and all but doesnt it waste money? [Amber: NOOOO!!] Those quests that give housing items are fine, But spending 1000's and 1000's of gold isnt helpful when you could get better gear. Mostly there are many cons for housing, but there IS always a pro somewhere. Where else would wizards hide their dead bodies, orgainize rebellious societies, and host irregular meetings?

You didnt hear that from me.

Cya around the Spiral!

-Vanessa SunRider

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Anonymous said...

Best post ever ...

x teary eyed x

Vanessa Sunrider, you are my hero!


ok ok sorry but no one commented Amber! It was so awesome!