Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sorry I haven't been on recently...

I'm SOOO sorry I havent been on recently! I've been busy reading the kiki strike website! (Who's gonna have some juicy info tomorrow cant wait!) I've been watching some new shows. Big bunny and making fiends. I'll give you a summary of both. Or if you just dont want to listen to me you can go here:

Making Fiends:

Making Fiends is an AWESOME webshow. It's about a girl named Charolate. Who's bright and happy and joyful. She moves to the dreaded clamburg which is ruled by Vendetta and her fiends. So of course Charolate thinks that she's best friend with Vendetta. And Vendetta is always plotting to kill Charolate. Thats about it. It pretty dark though. If you dont believe me here's the theme song:
There once was a little girl
a girl who could make fiends
she had the whole town terrified
the girl who could make fiends.
Then there cam another girl
who wanted to be FRIENDS.
Vendetta can not stand her.
And so she plots her end.
Making fiends making fiends
Vendetta's always making fiends
Making fiends while charolate makes friends!

Thats it Pretty dark huh?

Big Bunnny:
One day thee kids walk into the forest and meet a caniball bunny. Two of them are morons and the other is a genuis. The bunny tells interesting stories (lol jk) about red squirrels, turnip kings and others. This is a funny series and you should watch it. Big bunny does not have a theme song!

Well cya laters with happier post about kiki strike! (hopefully!)

-Amber StarGem

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