Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hello peoples!

My good friend in wizard101 and in real life has started blogging. She's obsessed with wizard101 and septimus heap. Here's a picture of her:

If you want to check out her blog its:

Welcome to the blogsphere christina!

I'll probably have a post bout the harvest fest soon. I hope to see many people there. I have no school tomorrow and friday so i can relax and sit back. I have a girl scout campout where you cant have any: Phones PJs books or swiss army knives! Oh well... I'm gonna smuggle my cheapo five year old phone and a book and maybe a swiss army knife anyways. It a performance of high school musical. (x pukes x) Well maybe I can work backstage. That would be coolio.


-Amber StarGem


Anonymous said...

Hey love the blog. Yours and Griffin's.

Anonymous said...

Amber!!! You can't bring Swiss Army knives????? DANG!! Well I might just bring mine anyways.