Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hey! I'm posting this a day after halloween. Sorry I didn't post ON halloween. I was to busy. But I did go on Wizard101 as a ninja witich. I also had time to send a message to all of the people who read the myth master:

Also I got a bunch of candy and it was also..... MY BROTHERS BIRTHDAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED! I went trick or treating at my friends house and I was a Three hole punch version of myself:
(sorry if this doesnt show up)
My friends were a ninja, killer, and a vampire. It was funny because when we saw a car coming we would run up into the sidewalk and all my friends looked like they were killing me! The car then slowly passed us like wtf? We had ten cars past by it was SO funny! Well Happy late Halloween!


-Amber StarGem

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