Saturday, November 21, 2009


Ok i'm back! and I have THINGS to tell YOU. Ok we'll do kiki strike first. And since i'm REALLY lazy ill just post from the kiki strike blog! ( Ok here it is:
1. Will there be a Kiki #3 and when will it be out?
2. Why has it taken soooooo long?
3. How have you been spending your time if you haven't been writing Kiki #3?

There will be a Kiki #3. It's called The Darkness Dwellers. (Though that title may change before it's published.) And it will (most likely) be out in early 2011. I know that sounds like forever, but in publishing terms it's just around the corner. (Okay, that probably didn't make you feel any better, did it?)

However, as I've told many of you who've written me, I PROMISE it will be worth the wait. Among the many questions the book will answer . . .

Will Kiki finally seize the throne of Pokrovia?
Why is Livia Galatzina bald?
Does Oona Wong really have an identical twin?
Why do fish forks exist?
Is escargot as delicious as it looks?
Are the catacombs beneath Paris anything like the Shadow City?
Who is Ananka Fishbein's secret crush?
Why is an executive from a pharmaceutical company following DeeDee Morlock?

It's going to be awesome. (Well, I find it entertaining!)

Okay, on to the next question. So what have I been doing with my time? Well I've been writing another book. It's called The Eternal Ones. It will be in bookstores next summer (and not just in the US)! It's for teens and adults, so I wouldn't recommend it for those of you who are under 14 or so. (Yes, I know. It's totally unfair. Sorry about that.) It's a dark romance/thriller about a girl whose visions of another life lead her on a quest to find her one eternal love. Along the way she encounters shadowy figures, secret societies, and a private security force known only as the gray men. (And yes, the figure shown above plays a key role in the book.)

Ok next subject, I saw New Moon yesterday. And here is my review:

New Moon was better then I expected. But I thought is would suck! It's one of those things that are between sucked and O.K. If you've read it then you'll find thats it's NOTHING like the book. They didnt spend anytime on telling anything about the Voultri, Alice hijacking the car, and the werewolves. So now you know of MY review. Although it was funny when I heard girls cheering when Jacob took his shirt off. And thats it.

Finally last thing!


Thats right! My friend Vanessa Sunrider will be helping me take over the blog. I'm still gonna post the same. I know Vanessa SunRider in real life, and she is exactly like me, although not so dark. Here's a picture of Van:

If you look hard you can see me, my twin(not my evil one) Shes the one with the white hair. And you can also see Vans twin.(the one who looks exatly the same with van. Vanessa is going to post sometime this weekend (I think) and is going to post bout something funny. I don wanna ruin the surprise though.


-Amber StarGem