Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good job on 200 posts Awesome Pyromancer!!!!!!

HIII!!! I'm bored today..... My heart goes out to cass whos friends got murdered may they R.I.P. But thats not my reason for this post today. As today the awesome pyromancer has had 201 posts. Geez thats alot! To non bloggers it might not be but so far i've been doing this for almost four monthes and I only have 48 posts. So I tried with my suckish drawing skills and made this:

Jessica has helped me earn plubicity and has mentioned me in many blog posts. For this I will forever owe you gratitude. And now I have a small token for Jessica and for many of my friends who have menu chat.


First go to and log on.

Then click on my accouts and enter your parental control password. If you dont know it you click on forgot password below it on small text and it will send an email to the email account you registered when you made an account on Wizard101.

Then make the text chat box Enable Test chat

Press O.K.

Then your done!

I hope I see you all on Wizard101 soon with menu chat and GREAT JOB ON 200 POSTS JESSICA!


-Amber StarGem


Jessica said...

:) Thanks! You don't have suckish drawing skills, your great! Keep up the good work!

Silverheart said...

the text chat only works if you are a subscriber. I've tried it wouldn't let me.

Amber StarGem said...

oh to bad :(