Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm kinda angry.....

I'm kinda angry right now.... Why must you ask?

First: i'm not getting ANY snow just some rain.

Second: My fingers and legs hurt.

Third: I lost my deodranent cap. I was checking my pillows going MR. DEODRERANT CAP? WHERE ARE YOU?? Finally I just decided that it ran away to Nebraska to herd with the buffalos.

Fourth: I was checking the main club penguin blog and this is what they said: We recognize that lots of you have so many different kinds of celebrations this time of year and we want everyone to feel included so instead of calling it a Christmas Party this year we're calling it the Holiday Party.

You've GOT to be kidding me! You know I have some Jewish friends and they dont really care what they call it. I'm sorry but I just HATE when this happens. Doesn't Club Penguin relize that the majority of the U.S. celebrates Christmas? Plus in the party they have stuff for Santa and CHRISTMAS TREES. It just doesn't make any sense... Thats what I love about wizard101, they're just like: Hell with this holiday crap! We're calling it and decorating it Christmas, so too bad. (altho I'm not sure if that was they're exact words...) I was watching this thing about the making of A charlie brown Christmas, and Charles Shultz says to put in the reference of the bible, (Linus quoting the bible verse.) and the people who were working with him said: Are you sure? People celebrate other things then just christmas. And Charles Schultz goes: If we don't then who will?. Anyways thats why I'm angry and happy right now.


-Amber StarGem

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Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

I agree. Some guy got all mad because one of Obama's speeches interfered with the charlie brown christmas broadcast. He said obama was trying to stop the christian message from getting out. Argh, some people just make me crazy.