Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Guide to having a great gaming life

Well today I want to show you how you can have a great online gamers life.

Step 1:
Always have the same (or similer) username for each game you play. Like for alot of my things I sign up I put in warriorgal or maidenhuntress. Easy to keep track of if your playing alot of games cause there are only to options.

Step 2:
For your password always keep the same username and password for all your games. Easy peasy lemon squeezee.

Step 3:
Make your charectar weird. Dont make it the usual black hair blue eyes like I stupidly made. Try having blue or white or bright purple hair in the game you play.

Step 4:
Make lots of friends and keep them close. If you dont have any friends the game doesnt have any meaning. Have friends, share jokes, and work on stuff together.

Step 5:
Don't be afraid to be outgoing in the game. In real life I'm very very shy, but in games I can be WHO I wish I could be, outgoing strong and awesome.

Got it?

Hope you gamers out there have a great gaming life!

-Amber StarGem

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