Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm Free...

I'm finally free from the clutches of teachers, and classes. Now to get some snow here! The people from Wizard101 info is getting like what? a foot and a half? How much am I getting? Two inches of slush at the most. I need an ice person people! Anyways, I absolutly LOVED Chicago, but it's great to be back where I can see the moon. (no joke, their was so much light pollution that you couldnt see the moon, any stars and the sky was BROWN) Anyways I had a HUGE sundae with alot alot alot of toppings and got REALLLYY hyper! Then before my first basketball game (we lost 5-24 more on that later) I had half a hershey's cookie and cream bar, and f course got queasy during the game. And now i'm not feeling that good either. Oh well, I'm getting Kiki Strike u.k. version soon. (ordering it today!) I know your wondering: What the %&^#$( is Amber doing with another Kiki Strike book? Doesnt she alreayd own them? (yes yes i do) but my books are SIGNED so I can't risk losing them. Plus I'm getting my subscription back today! Yay!! I havent posted also cause i'm working on a PJO series parody. WARNING: IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE PJO BOOKS KEEP AWAY YOU'LL THINK I'M PHYSCO!Well can't say I warned you. Here it is:

This is a parody of the Lightning Thief. I don't own the PJO series. The main people are Amber (me) Vanessa, (my friend) ,Percy, Grover ,and Annabeth. Enjoy!

Percy: Ya I have ADHD and dyslexia and get kicked out of every school blah blah blah blah blah.

Amber: Isn’t that rant supposed to take up like four $^&#$ pages?

Percy: Shut up you $^%& this is my story!

Amber: Actually I’m writing it smart one. I can make you die for all I care.

Grover: Um… Don’t we have a story to go on involving me and peanut butter in my hair?

Amber: Oh yeah right, go on.

Percy: Oh yyyeeeaaaahhhhhh….. Hey Nancy you son of a &^&*$% get your apse over here.

Grover: Forget it Percy, I like peanut butter.

Vanessa: *whistles* No he doesn’t!

Grover: Be quiet you &*%^&

Vanessa: Wanna take it to the street? *rolls up sleeves*

Grover: Bring it on Sissy!

Percy: Guys, Guys, you can settle this later. Now let’s just focus the main thing of this story, me.

Amber: For once I agree with Percy, well excluding the main story, me part.

Percy: Oh yeah, have the babes agree with m- HEY!

Amber and Vanessa: HA HA!

Vanessa: Tell me again, why did we agree to go with these imbeciles?

Amber: We’re getting paid $550 bucks per day.

Vanessa: Right, I knew it was something. Anywho…. Back to the story!

Mr. Brunner: Here’s stuff about Greek myths blah blah blah blah blah.

Amber: Ugh why is everyone doing blahs!?

Percy: Because it skips the boring part duh genius.

Lunch Time

Vanessa: Time to settle this argument goat boy.

Grover: Bring it on!

*Vanessa and Grover walk into the dark alley, screams start to be heard*

Percy: What am I supposed to do again?

Amber: This *pushes Percy in fountain and laughs*

Percy: WHY YOU LITTLE %(&^#!

Amber: Ooh rip-off of Simpsons line Percy. WAY to clique. *dodges wave that lands on Nancy*

Nancy: Teaaaccchhherr! I’m being all whiny and a tattletale and Percy pushed me!!

Mrs. Dodds: Now honey come over here so I can kill you.

Percy: OK!

Amber: Idiot

*A few seconds Vanessa comes out holding Grover above her head*

Vanessa: TAKE THAT GOAT BOY! *chucks Grover in dumpster*

Amber: Why do you always have to beat each other up?

Vanessa: He started it! Besides he was easy, only got a few scratches on me.

*Grover emerges from dumpster with a black eye, missing teeth, pulled hair, and bleeding everywhere*

Grover: Uhhhhh…… whaattt happeneddd?? *faints*

Amber: *sigh* This is going to be a LONG week.

I know what you're thinking... Why is Vanessa beating Grover up and not Amber? Well it's because Amber is going to be kicking ALOT more butt soon, Dont worry.


-Amber StarGem


Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Wait a minute... There is ANOTHER Kiki Strike book that I don't know about? GIVE! I WANT IT!

Amber StarGem said...

You don't know about kiki strike 2? It's called the empress's tomb, in the U.S. it has a red cover with oona on it, and in the U.K. it has a yellow cover with oona on it.It's been out for about two years, now and here's a review I found of it on the Internet:

Kiki strike and the irregulars have the secret double lives as spies down pat. Saving New York City, going to school and running their own businesses is all in a day's work.
But when Ananka is told that she might be sent to a remote boarding school, Kiki and Verushka lives are suddenly in danger (again), Betty finds a secret admirer and Oona's past decides to expose itself, things don't seem to be going all that smoothly.
When the girls find out they are keeping secrets from each other their friendships are put to the ultimate test - and the safety of New York's secret subterranean world is thrown into jeopardy.
With giant squirrels, a haunted mansion, a mummified empress and a mysterious refugee child Kiki Strike: The Empress's Tomb is an intriguing blend of reality, adventure and a splash of fantasy.
What's happening in New York City? Giant squirrels. A haunted mansion. Six fierce friends with even fiercer secrets.
Join Kiki and the Irregulars in another underworld - and underground - adventure. With Oona taking the lead this time, the Irregulars band together to protect New York City and its secret subterranean world, doing battle along the way with Manhattan's gangsters, rodents, diamond merchants, society figures, and assorted forces of evil. Some of the Irregulars must come to terms with deadly secrets from their own pasts, and each of the girls finds her unusual skills and her friendships put to the ultimate test.

Hope this helps!


Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Oh. I've read that one. I thought you meant there was a THIRD ONE and I FREAKED OUT! A THIRD KIKI STRIKE! But not really.

Amber StarGem said...

Well the third kiki book is coming out early 2011 just so you know. For more info either look back a few posts on my blog or go to the kiki strike website and look a few posts back.