Thursday, December 31, 2009


Ok so I'm trying to buy yakedo's hypothetical robe. (10,000 gold! sheesh!) I'm half way there but I need five thousand more gold. I'm thinking i'm gonna do stormfather a couple times. (he drops AMAZING stuff f.y.i.) So if any of you guys wanna help, be my guest. Also happy new year, I also resolve to post more often, btw. So I'll see you guys later in the new decade! WOOOT! LETS GO 2010!! Also, I might make a new header, for my blog, but I need YOUR descions. There will be a new poll up when the old one times out. But anyways, h


-Amber StarGem

Update: The poll is up and running and I added some new blogs to my blog list.


My2Cents said...

Hey Amber,
Happy New Year's Eve. I got a lot of crowns for Christmas, and I was wondering if you wanted me to gift you some Gold. Do you have a W101 Central account? If so, may I add you? It would be a good way for all of the GWC to stay in touch. Thanks, Chase

Amber StarGem said...

Chase: the gold its your choice. I DO have a wizard101 central account. Its Amber101 and you may add me.


Anonymous said...

anytime you need help just look for me hunter little green guy lvl 46 life be more than happy to help with anything you need