Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Interview by: Me and Vanessa Sunrider

Ok here is an interview with me and van today. The questions will be asked by this hobo we found in the streets. Vanessa: there are many these days you know. His name is Paul.

Random Hobo: Yo dawg how long have you guys been friends?

Van: Since third grade

Amber: Before that we both thought that each other were losers.

Van: Basically. We don't get technical.

Random Hobo: What was something recently that happened that was really funny?

Van: Well, for our school we had to see the Christmas Carol play. I was sitting next to Amber and my good friend Bailey. First, in the beginning, there were these younger kids in front of us. And it was obvious they were eavesdropping. So Amber Bailey and I started going: "Amber, you're so going to be expelled!!" And the kids were like, "OMG!!!" We were secretly laughing. Then, when the play started this random dude (possibly hobo) came on the stage and said that there was fog, but don't worry, nobody on stage will cough and we don't have to worry about coughing. Then, our ENTIRE grade burst into fits of coughing. It was hilarious. And I sorta fell asleep at one point ...

Amber: For 2 seconds smart one. Anyways after that at the end when scrooge dude turns happy he went to tiny tim pressed his nose and went BOOP! Immeadetly me and van did BOOP! later it turned to DIE! x punches arm x

Random Hobo: What do you guys do at school?

Van: Well, Amber and I aren't in the same class, but we hang out a lot mostly in study hall, in library.

Amber: Where we cheat at type to learn and change microsoft word to hellobob and cheesesticks.

Van: Lol. We hang out a lot and just goof around. I ALWAYS WANT THE BEST FOR YOU, MAN!

Amber: She just recited a hilarious show we just watched. Big Time Rush. We cracked up laughing and were listening to it right now..... For the seventh time....

Van: If you've heard of it, you might have thought it was stupid, but it's actually really funny and cool. Just so you know. HE GOT HIT BY A CAR FOR YOU, MAN!

Random Hobo: Dawg.

Van: Do you see a dog or something, hobo?

Random Hobo: Back to questions dawg, Whatcha yo want from santy claus??

Amber: Cell phone, Sword, to go to camp half blood, get a million bucks.

Van: For me, it's just the money.

Random Hobo: I want a 1923 bottle of Angus Scotch Wisky!

Van: ---

Random Hobo: Whats your favorite website?


Van: Yeah, lol. We always check that out during study hall times. No one works on homeowork during study halls, of course.

Random Hobo: What do you do?

Van: Amber had to do this Latin project one time, and the got banned because this dude in her grounp was all pysco. This guy in my class Ben made a story: This is bascially it ...

Hi said Ted. Hi said Ben. Hi said Madyln. Hi said Vanessa. Hi said Ben. Hello said Ted. Hi said Tyler. Hi said Matt. Bye said Ben, and if you say hi one more time I will burn you.

So that's Ben's writing abilities.

Don't even TRY to understand our school.

Random Hobo: Whats the best school for wizard101?


Van: The mental instituion only got me ONCE. Death and storm are the best schools.

Amber: See how she's mentally challenged?

Random Hobo: Whats the recent 411 on wiz101 yo?

Amber: Well.... I kinda turned vans mooshu waters into a nucleur waste dump gone wild.

Van: Then my friend Ryan Mistcaster swam in it. We forgot to tell him.

Amber: I kinda ate some toilet crap and threw up in the waters.

Random Hobo: What do you think are the 2 best book series ever?

Amber: Easy Kiki Strike and Percy Jackson

Van: Yeah

Random Hobo: Well I gotta go back to doing Hobo stuff. Peace out, dawgs.

Van: Why did he say dawg?

Amber: He's a rappin hobo

Van and amber: BYE BYE HOBO!!


VanessaSunrider said...

We really worked hard on this. COMMENT PEOPLE! We had to find JUST the right hobo for this. No regular hobo would do you know.

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Lol i love it. I also LOOOVE kiki strike! That is one of my favorite books ever apart from percy jackson and maximum ride and harry potter!!!