Saturday, December 12, 2009

Greetings from Chicago!

Well hear I am in beatufil cold Chicago! I love it here. I went to the apple store, borders and an awesome two story Mc Donalds. I've had pizza, and garlic bread, and took two taxi's. At the resturant we went to you got to GRAFFITI the walls! But after an hour plane ride, and walking about four miles I'm pooped.I love the art the streets, everything about it. This will be my last post from Chicago cause I'm leaving in the next post I'll be back in good ol Saint Louis don't worry.


-Amber StarGem

P.S. I took alot of funny pictures on my phone Van! I'll show them to you when I get back.

P.S.S. Next time I hear a siren from my crappy hotel window. I'm chucking a chair out the window.


Outstanding Allen said...

GRATZ 200 prof views....

Silverheart said...

lol I'd love to throw a chair out a window : P