Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Issues, etc.

From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....
Hello all,
Well, people might not be seeing me around the sprial for a while.
Why? Well, the Wizard101 on my computer is messed up, for reasons I cannot explain. Is that really all? Yes. Oh, are you letting that get you off?? Are you letting the computer issues stop you?!?! Hmm, yes. Wimp. I'm telling!!
Anyway, (forgive the conversation with the voices in my head) I'll fix it an will be back later.
Ronan, your poll on the other side obviously is in your favor, but a mere 8% apart of the people who'd like to eat you. Ouch. What makes you seem ediable? I'm not sure, from what I know about him so far he seems a nice person and a joy to have on the Myth Master. Though, not all three of us have been in one place at one time. I'll arrange that at some point.
And further point, it is my birthday tomorrow. I'd be expecting you all to send me gifts, or long heart-filled comments below. Thank you. Have a nice day. I'll be celebrating sometime, hopefully with some laser tag. Amber?
I've been entertaining myself nontheless, going to an elementary school by my house and having her push me on the swimg. xD jk (well, maybe)
Hoping you all will have a great rest of the week! Be safe, and eat fruit.

Ciao, Roma,
Vanessa A. Sunrider


The Life of a Griffin said...
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Christina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Dont worry, you will be getting your present tomorrow! see ya at school

Jessica said...

Happy Early Birthday!

Al Fonzo said...

Happy Birthday!! I can't give you any gifts now... Ok maybe a small somethin..,,,

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Happy Birthday
(hums tune to the weird birthday song in the disney alice in wonderland)
To Vanessa!
To Vanessa!
And it's wearin' o the green day!

Anonymous said...

Omg thank you everyone!!!! :D Love yas!!

Krestel-we really need to meet.

Jessica-Thank you!

Amber-Yeah :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Christina-