Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Letter 1

From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....

Ok So as you might know me, and Vanessa write letters to each other during classes, cause we have NONE together. So Vanessa, in one of her letter said, that it would be cool if we wrote letter to EACH OTHER, on the MYTH MASTER. So, I'm here to do the first one.

Dear Vanessa,

First off: Why weren't you at school missy?? Did you skip?? If so, why didn't you tell me?? I would've rather gone to the mall then sing Latin??

The news about today:
English: I read about Whishpoosh, the Killer Beaver.

Math: Nothing exciting

Science: Mrs. Applebomb got mad at us, cause she lost the extension cord for notes. YAY!! NO NOTES!!

Lit.: We talked about tollbooths.

Art: Colored my AWESOME city.

Latin: Sang for Music Fesitval, and Sister LOVED the boys today... Don't know why....

Religion: Got bored out of our minds and died.

Social Studies: Took test, and Read Science Fair.

Well, that's pretty much how my day went. Some people are having a "Comic War" where they're saying blah blah blah you copied blah. The only thing exciting is, that I'M THEIR LAWYER!! BEAT THAT SUNRIDER!! Pretty fun

So how was skipping school?? Write back to me on Myth Master later.

Your Physcotically,

-Amber V. StarGem

Well that's how a letter usually goes. Hope you guys and gals enjoyed!! Comment saying if you liked or hated it!!

-Amber StarGem


Cookie Monsta said...

Thats what you meant by letters? lolz, i though this kind of letter: A! xD I do that with my friends too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ronan,
since you're on the myth master now, want to meet?

Vanessa A. Sunrider

Cookie Monsta said...

Sure, I'de love too.