Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is TOO COOL to pass up....

From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....

Ok... Since I has NO HOMEWORK!! (YIPEE!!) I was bored... So I did what every bored person would do.... read the archives of Ananka's Diary.

Now you see, most of the time I don't have a reason for this, I do it for fun. But this time, I DID have a reason. After 2 hours of searching, (Ok, I DID read some of the articles) I found it.

Back in ancient times, part of the world was teeming with butt-kicking ladies. Among them were the legendary Amazonsthemselves, who lived in and around what is now the Ukraine. And it seems as if the women there still fancy a fight once in a while.

I came across an interesting photo essay. French photojournalist Guillaume Herbaut recently journeyed to the Carpathian Mountains to spend time with a group of Ukrainian women who aspire to live like modern-day Amazons. They call themselves the Asgarda, and I gotta say, they look pretty tough to me. From what I can tell, their days are spent learning the martial arts, getting weird haircuts, and fighting with some awfully impressive "equipment."

Now you see, I DID have a reason for this. Not only do I want to JOIN the Amazons. (pretty please!) I'm also thinking of doing a story. I'm not going to post it anywhere, but I might publish it.... depends on how many pages I write. I will have TWO beta's Vanessa, and my friend Megan.

Well here's a summary of the story:

Phebia, an average seventh grader, skips class and goes to the woods in the back of her school. She has a reason though, she can hear a distinct Japanese Melody coming from it. There, in a clearing she meets Kirmaro, also known as Kir. She's an Amazon, and invites Phebia to join. With the Chinese Goverment finding about their group, the Amazons are in danger. Now the Amazons all over the world must unite, and join forces, to keep their Society alive.

Well, how do you like it??? Comment say you likee, or don't likee.

Physcotically Yours,

-Amber StarGem


Kestrel Shadowthistle said...


Kyle Firesword said...

Swweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Love it!

My2Cents said...

You would NOT want to be an Amazon. I studied them a bit, and they do some pretty brutal and disgusting things to their victims, and their bodies. It's PAINFUL to be an Amazon in more ways than 1.

Al Fonzo said...

My 2cents: Even MORE awesome!!